In any signs of workers believe the traffic police

Punishing the first counter, not to urinate on the wheel of his car in the morning to avoid the women and other professional signs of ordinary traffic police personnel.

In any signs of workers believe the traffic police

If the baton fell to the ground, then the day will be unkind

If the fallen rod - all the work will be. Worse than this is nothing. In particular, if it happened in the morning. Then you can immediately go home. The staff of this very afraid - sew clothing for special holster wand. I'm nothing special for safety reasons not to. Just firmly hold the rod in his hand. By the way, so you know, very much annoying when you hear the word "tube" or "a police baton." Stick and plug in the other places are. That's right - stick and jam.

Sasha, DPS Regiment SVAO

If a first offender not to punish, that day would be unkind to

Even if the first intruder gets in some trifling offense, it must necessarily be fined, or work in this day generally will not. At other times still miss seat belt, or someone who is dirty rooms in the rain, but not in the first few minutes.


If the first car stopped at the wheel of a woman sits, the day would be unkind to

In the first woman car - then the day will hemorrhoidal. A hemorrhoidal day - it's everything: when the boss was furious when the weather turned bad when the car broke down when the wife does not like. And when an accident more than usual. On a day on the Ring Road is not less than 90 accidents. Nicholas, "special forces officer spetsdorogi"

If an employee is sitting behind the wheel of the first car stopped, the day would be unkind to

This is what happens: you go out on the road, stops normal civil car, and there sits a colleague and shows a crust. And then you realize: all day will fail. But people understand experience. Some even apologize - I'm sorry, they say, did not want to spoil your day.

Alexander, 12th regiment DPS

counts the money in the car - to the employees of traffic police check

This sign, rather, for the drivers. Well, or to former employees. In any case it is impossible to count the money in the car. Experienced staff can hear the rustle of banknotes at a distance of 10 kilometers. If after that you're going to continue to drive the vehicle, in this case a full check can not be avoided.

Andrew spetspolka

If the traffic police stopped on the way to a fishing trip, the catch will not be

If colleagues have stopped on the way to a fishing trip, you can unfold, the catch will be. Therefore, to avoid a meeting with colleagues in such moments, to go fishing, I try to go out of town on a Friday night, when many machines. All the while I am moving in the middle lane at a flow rate and never change number. Just in time for those we do not pay attention.

Sergey, 1st Battalion of the traffic police special regiment of Moscow

If you meet way to work boss, the day would be unkind to

You go to work, and if the threshold met chief - all day does not ask. About this omen know everything. In addition to our superior. Or maybe he just does not believe in omens. And so the work is never late.

Alex, DPS traffic police regiment SAD

If the victim in an accident lost his shoes, it is bound to perish

This is because our experience is clear: if the victim in the accident lost his shoes, you probably will not survive. We assumed that in such cases the survival rate is not more than 1%. These victims usually even do not reach to the hospital, well, or die in the hospital.

Igor, 4 th spetsrota

to urinate on the wheels of the car - to the


If the driver urinating under the wheels of the car - an accident. We must stand aside. I did not particularly believe it, but still, why spoil a car? Although, they say, bird droppings on the body, on the contrary, to money. And although it is somehow unhygienic, such a machine can not be washed daily, otherwise it will not come true.

Oleg, 2nd Company DPS CAO

freshly washed car - the rain

Wash the car - wait for rain. Always comes true. But it is not impossible to wash. Washed the car quieter and softer goes on potholes, quickly dispersed. Maybe it feels cared for. Machinery is actually - animate mechanisms.

Alex, department number 3 Road police on spetstrasse GUVD of Moscow