About children's beliefs

• On Children's beliefs

As a child, every child is to seek to know the vast and mysterious world around us, and we in the Soviet times were not an exception.

At the same time the sources of information in our childhood was very little: no heaps of channels on TV, no internet, no any books you want, so information about the world we drew from everywhere, including from senior colleagues for yard games.

About children's beliefs

Because these elders did not avoid "gag" (as we in turn), there is a lot of variety of funny and naive, absurd and not very - Children will, beliefs, divination and horror stories, in different parts of the Soviet Union, various and often conflicting.

I offer them to remember and start with themselves (in brackets - in practice, test results).

They say that in my childhood:

- accidentally stepped on someone's foot - so you quarrel. To avoid a quarrel, the one who trod on his leg, should he come on foot you "in response" (one day I came in response to too much - and we had a falling out).

- If the two bypass pole or tree from different sides - they also quarrel. To avoid this, you need to quickly say hello (believed foolishness shake twice a day).

- If you squint to the nose, but this time someone will knock you on the back on the head, it is possible to remain oblique for life (I do not know, neither the one did not knock or currently not allowed).

- If the two clashed heads, both sick. , You need to bump heads again (Stukalo repeatedly) to prevent the disease. - If with someone at the same time said the same word, it is necessary very quickly to ask: "When is my happiness?" (My answer: "Yesterday was").

- The smoke from the fire, blowing on you, you can take moduli, saying: "Where modulus - to smoke!" (And even lied to smoke: "Smoke, smoke - I'm fat do not eat", believing that he found out about it, then same turn in the other direction).

- If over the ear sleeping companion to Pioneer pour a glass of water into a glass, the boy in the dream described (tested - all woke up before beginning to write).

- In the Soviet pharmacies accept cigarette ash liter jar at ten per can (still do not know, maybe you?).

- Do not look at welding, so as not to be blinded (looked - "bunnies" caught, but not blinded).

- If you step on a needle, she would stick, it comes through the veins to the heart, and it is - certain death (not tested, and does not want to).

- You can not sew their clothes or sew a button - zashesh memory (tested - results do not remember).

- If you crush the spider - it will rain (pressed - it was not raining).

- Met on the road a dead cat or a dog, you have to spit three times over your left shoulder and say: "Ugh three times - not my taint" (still do).

- If you put the thing inside out - you will be beaten. To avoid this - (- I felt sorry for dirty clothes and fights, I was not afraid to put on, but not trampled) need to take your clothes off, throw it on the floor and trampled on her feet.

- "Happy" tram ticket (when matched extreme numbers, or the sum of several extreme) need to eat (try - tasteless). - If you stand up or sit down between the two namesakes, and make a wish - that it will be fulfilled (not believe: the names in those years gave the fashion and namesakes among peers were a great many).

- It was impossible to pick up a toad - this on the hands there are warts (and did not take, because disdain).

- If you throw over your left shoulder a small coin and say, "By good weather" - that the weather is good (somewhere in the ducat of coins sketched).

- Clamping a hand in two matches parallel to each other, the girls appropriated these matches the names of the pair, which were guessing; lit and watched which way the curved matches during combustion. If to each other, then love, if in a different direction - hate, and if will not die - that they do not care (of course, I have this girly garbage was not engaged).

- Large mosquitoes - malaria, and malaria - a deadly incurable disease African (did not believe, but these mosquitoes in any case not touched).

- Any pain in the abdomen suggestive of appendicitis, which is cut at all, without exception, (still living with appendicitis).

- If a cat's whiskers cut off, then he lost the scent (tested in practice - garbage, was not lost).

- You can not step over a person lying, because he then cease to grow, but if you step over the back, then it is neutralized (by me in life often transcended and did not return, and nothing - up).

- Smoking "not inhaling" leads to throat cancer (and therefore immediately began to smoke "to puff")

- And I believe that he would never marry, well, at the very least - will marry his mother (and I had to do: in the sense - not to marry at all). And different children can recall the horror stories. These are, for instance:

One day a boy parents sent to the market for flowers. On the street came a strange grandmother to the boy, and said: "Do not buy black rose, but only the red." The boy came to the market and saw a woman in a red and sells red roses. The boy bought a single red rose. Goes further, he sees a woman in black, and in her hands black roses. Flowers boy very much, and he bought a black rose.

The boy came home and put the roses in water. At night, he wakes up and sees suddenly rose out of the black black woman. She holds out his hands to the boy and wanted to strangle him. But at this time of the red rose leaves red woman. She grabs a black woman and begins to struggle with it. The boy wakes up in the morning, and see the table in the water red rose and black - broken. The boy immediately recalled the mandate grandmother and threw a black rose.

And then the boy grew up, became a famous film director, but did not give up smoking weed and directed the film "Black Rose - poster printing, Red Rose - the emblem of love."