How to prepare divers

Interesting tour of the only Russian school divers - photos and videos.

How to prepare divers How to prepare divers

The first and only Russian divers' school was established May 5, 1882 under the decree of Emperor Alexander III in Kronstadt was the first and only global institution which trained specialists diving business. Training in schools accept persons of officers and lower ranks. For the first four years of its existence, the school has trained nearly 200 qualified divers from the lower ranks and 40 diving experts from the officers.

From 1919 to 1928 the school changed several places of their deployment: Saint Petersburg, Saratov, Kazan, Volsk, Kronshtadt, Balaclava.

In 1928 divers school was merged with the Balaklava diving courses EPRON (EPRON). From 1931 to 1941 the school was called divers Naval diving school. In it trained divers Epron. Under him there were also commanding classes in which trained command personnel. He graduated from the training course is awarded the title of a diving professional.

In October 1941, when the enemy came close to Sevastopol, diving school was relocated first to Astrakhan, and then to the settlement Slyudyanka on the shore of Lake Baikal.

Within two months after the relocation, despite the bitter cold, the preparation of divers continued.

After the liberation of the Crimea in 1944, school divers returned to Balaklava, and in 1957 was relocated to the bay quarantine, in Sevastopol, where it remains today.

Throughout its existence, the school has trained about 86 thousand qualified divers. Five graduates were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, it is Rear Admiral Tripolski AV, captain Derzhavin PI, Colonel Filonenko PE cosmonaut Christmas VI, deepsea divers Solodkov L. V. divers Simvolokov AF and Milliant SS awarded the title Hero of socialist labor, 12 specialist diving business was awarded the state Prize, thousands of divers have been awarded orders and medals. In December 2009, the 17th Naval School junior specialists Admiral FS Oktyabrsky from the training center of the fleet is allocated separately.

At the moment, the 17th school - the only educational institution that prepares divers for all naval fleet of Russia.

During 2010, prepared for the Navy 253 junior specialists of different diving qualifications and further trained for diving specialties 14 contract servicemen. School for one academic period (in the year of their two) prepares 160 professionals currently scored 159 (set in progress). Take in students those who have at least completed secondary or vocational education. During this period of study of 159 people - 42 cadets from higher education.

Specialties include: the diver, the diver - welder instructor - diver diver - deepsea diver - the scout special purpose submarine mining and underwater works. In addition to the school train specialists of rescue and salvage operations in the amount of 60 people a year (two sets of 30 people).

If earlier period of training for divers was five months, and for the deep-divers - seven months, now it is one for all - five months. The training program have been reduced ship's training, knowledge of maritime affairs (it is the sailors will receive later, after the distribution of the ships), priority is given to it diving business. Of distracting procedures were internal orders and two to three times per month garrison guards at the guardhouse.

In addition to 160 people of varying composition (cadets) in the 17-th school 50 permanent staff: 17 officers, 30 petty officers and contract-3 driver, conscripts (these positions should also translate into a contract). Selection of candidates for training in diving specialties made on the receiving - the technical commission of the fleet according to different criteria. Guidance documents defined selection for training only persons who have completed secondary or technical education with a high level of neuro - mental stability, candidates are professional and psychological testing and the military-medical commission, which provides for:

1. Research barofunction ear and paranasal sinuses.

2. Determination of the resistance to decompression gassing.

3. hypoxic sample.

4. Verification of sensitivity to the toxic effects of oxygen.

5. Check the sensitivity to nitrogen narcosis.

Additional requirements for the physical development and health of candidates for teaching diving specialty divers and staff:

For divers - glubokovodnikov limit growth from 170 to 185 cm, for divers from 170 cm to 180 cm.

During the military-medical commission examines:

1. Physical development and muscle strength.

2. The bodies of blood circulation.

3. digestive system.

4. Bodies of view.

5. Status of ENT - vestibular function.

6. Status of the nervous system.

7. Musculo - skeletal system.

8. Status of the skin.

Sami barracks I could not see because of the lack of time, managed to visit only educational diving range, so take the texture of the material provided:

After arriving at school cadets divers distributed by training their companies in accordance with the specifics of the preparation. The school offers two educational companies of accommodation with rooms for 100 people of personnel, equipped with everything necessary for living: WC, showers, utility rooms, rooms for leisure activities of students, televisions, audio equipment.

How to prepare divers How to prepare divers How to prepare divers How to prepare divers How to prepare divers How to prepare divers

In order to reduce colds the necessary arrangements:

- from the first day of stay in the part of cadets held dibazoloprofilaktika;

- in the barracks provided "kubrikovanie" - ie, the division of the whole barracks area into separate sectors with a capacity of 8-10 people..;

How to prepare divers

- held kvartsevanie space 4 times a day, in every room of company permanently installed 6 quartz lamps;

- at least two times a day is performed thermometry personnel;

- daily after the evening check carried bodily inspection of cadets

How to prepare divers

Power personnel organized in the dining room, designed for 450 seats.

How to prepare divers How to prepare divers

The personnel of the provided norm №3 "Sea rations", which includes:

1. Bread from mixtures of rye and wheat flour of grade 1 - 250 g;

2. White bread made from wheat flour of the 1st sort - 300 g;

3. Wheat flour grade 1 - 10 c;

4. Krupa different - 130 g;

5. Beans, beans - 30 g;

6. Pasta highest grade - 40 g;

7. Meat - 250 g;

8. smoked sausages (myasokopchenostey) - 25 g;

9. Fish gutted without head - 120 g;

10. Vegetable oil - 30 g;

11. Butter - 60 g;

12. Eggs - 1 pc;

13. Cheese rennet solid - 10 c;

14. Milk and milk products - 200 grams;

15. Sugar - 70 g;

16. table salt - 20 g;

17. Tea - 1 g;

18. Coffee instant natural - 1, 5 g;

19. Bay leaf - 0 c 2;

20. Pepper - 0 c 3;

21. Mustard powder - 0, 5 g;

22. Vinegar - c 2;

23. Tomato paste - 6 g;

24. Potatoes - 500 g;

25. Cabbage - 120 g;

26. Beet - 30 g;

27. Carrot - 40 c; 28. Onions - 50 c;

29. cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini - 60 c;

30. Canned fruit snack - 75g; or canned beans - 40 g;

31. Fruit and berry juices - 200 g;

32. Dried Fruit - 20 c.

It should be noted that with the start of diving descents students are provided with additional diving rations, which provides for the inclusion in the daily diet the following products: meat - 50 grams; cow butter -20 c; condensed milk - 20 grams; Coffee instant natural - 3 g; Fruit and berry juices - 200 grams, which allows not only to make up the energy consumption for diving descents, but also stimulate the growth of muscle mass divers..

Sports facilities are as follows:

How to prepare divers How to prepare divers

Preparation of divers specialty was carried out for four months and is divided into two main phases:

- theoretical training is carried out in the classrooms and on the diving station training ground;

How to prepare divers How to prepare divers How to prepare divers How to prepare divers How to prepare divers How to prepare divers How to prepare divers How to prepare divers

- practical training at the diving station.

It looks like this:

Classes with an air-breathing apparatus AVM-5

How to prepare divers How to prepare divers

As you can see, classes are conducted under the direction and supervision of civilian instructor. Civilian staffing in the school introduced 12 years ago, at the office are former military men who had gone to the reserve. The instructor must be qualified diver 1st class 1st and 2nd specialty group. The working day for instructors from 07.30 to 18.00, but it is usually in the army, often is not limited.

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Check for leaks

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Prepare to dive into a three-bolt ventilated diver equipment. This link can be read in detail the whole process

How to prepare divers

This is not a manifestation of bullying, so it looks lifting equipment

How to prepare divers

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Diving galoshes with the weighting

How to prepare divers

Demonstration razgrazhdeniya landing barriers with a view to landing. Divers responsible for clearance, are under water, then surfacing denote falshfeerami safe passage.

How to prepare divers How to prepare divers How to prepare divers How to prepare divers

Used universal diving equipment VCA-3C-air breathing apparatus AMS-12 and underwater tool movement (DED)

How to prepare divers

In the final stage of practical training for students operate the diving function slopes at sea on board the boat for diving depths of 15, 25, 35 and 45 meters.

Also practiced methods of conducting lifting operations, search / lifting submerged objects, including ammunition.

For students, trainees in the specialty deepsea divers, provided training on the rescue ship of the Black Sea Fleet "Epron", equipped with a deep-sea diving systems. There divers dive to 60 m using a deep diving complex and are in a hyperbaric chamber at depths up to 100 meters.

Training and material base of schools allows for theoretical training of students in classrooms at all stages of preparation and training diving descents during the calendar year at a depth of 45 meters. At 11 diving positions can simultaneously descend underwater divers 55 in various gear.

Preparation of divers conducted a special purpose on the special landfills. Underwater shooting from a special weapon: underwater shooting machine APS and underwater pistol SPP-1

How to prepare divers How to prepare divers

Also practiced underwater mining issues. First, on land and under water then

How to prepare divers How to prepare divers

Just a day at six o'clock the students lessons and two hours allotted to self-study. After dinner, as well as in the whole army entered sleep duration of one hour.

Allowance contractor instructor - 3500 hryvnia, plus 2000-2500 hryvnia for diving descents. In May this year established (01.01.2011) special cross-rate for the payment of money 1 UAH = 3 rubles, which is more favorable than the official rate - 3.47 rubles for the hryvnia. Head of School receives 8000 hryvnia.

All of the officers receive bonuses by order №400-A (this amount from 40 to 140 thousand rubles per month, depending on the position). Specialists trained 17th school, participated in the works on the site of the death ship "Admiral Nakhimov" submarine "Kursk", the ship "Bulgaria". They are working and abroad, for example, last year our divers took part in the rise in plavprichala Syrian Tartus.

Couple posters from diving classes

How to prepare divers

Conditional signals to communicate with diver

How to prepare divers

Equipment used for training cadets of the 17th school divers

Three-bolt ventilated equipment

How to prepare divers

16-pound weight material

How to prepare divers

On the table versatile diving equipment IED-3 and self-contained breathing apparatus AVM-12. Below - contained breathing apparatus AVM-5

How to prepare divers

Set self contained breathing apparatus IDA-71U

How to prepare divers

Deep-sea diving equipment CSA-200

How to prepare divers

Scuba movement means

How to prepare divers

The underwater towing "Proteus"

How to prepare divers How to prepare divers

By the day of the Navy (last Sunday of July) at the school prepared a theatrical performance with the elder, Chernomor and 33 heroes, which will represent students.

How to prepare divers

Automatic AKMS rusty because they are not special underwater and when you stay in the water, of course, very quickly covered with rust. They are needed for the spectacular fireworks on the blank out of the water. The sleeve of the gate - for better grip wet hands with weapons, so as not slipped his fingers.

How to prepare divers

The state of health is normal

How to prepare divers

sank "heroes" and then come ashore marched welcome "Uncle Black Sea", give volley and go. It looks really futuristic

How to prepare divers How to prepare divers How to prepare divers