Meaningless things

• Meaningless things

Let us remember their quirks and laugh :)

Meaningless things

- open the fridge, watch and close

- see the time on mobile and immediately forget it

- to look into the subway tunnel, waiting for a train, as if by this he will arrive faster

- peretaptyvatsya in line, even if it does not move

- move the mouse around the screen, until something is loaded, as though from this faster boot

- to select text with the mouse while reading

- aside and say "something I wanted to ..."

- when the microwave oven beeps again, saying, "I know, I know!"

- dressed to go out of the apartment, go to a computer, look at it and go

- pour a cup of tea or a drink, then forget about it and pour another - when accumulate three or more glasses of cold drink them all at once

- moving away from the car near the shopping center, at least 3 times to close the car with the remote control, move 50 meters and close two more times

- for the umpteenth time to read the inscriptions on the air freshener to kill time while Urinating

- to go from side to side while talking

- each time to buy in the metro one trip

- recording movies on DVD and then throw away without viewing - call folders 111 and 222, and erase them when running out of room, because it is not clear that there

- to ask again the question, even when it is fully heard and is ready to answer

- wound thread on the tea bag around the handle mug, tie the knot, and then unravel before you wash the mug

- before leaving the house to put it in his pocket player, put earphones in their ears after a while to understand that the player has not switched on

- to put the keys in his pocket, not to forget, and then look for a long time

- dial the number and forgetting whom you call

- to press harder on the buttons on the remote when the batteries sit in it

- talk to a GPS-navigator, if it is very bad mood - to be rude to him or insult him

- set 5 alarm clocks in the morning and still get up for 15 minutes before

- Turn off the computer, turn off the speakers in time to farewell musical screensaver

- to lean to one side with my whole body, when to take turns

- bypass the cracks in the asphalt.

What kind of nonsensical things you do?