Modern treatments, men's hair and body | health and beauty

A time when beauty salons visited only the fair half of mankind, is gone. Today, men's haircut in the salon just as familiar and varied as the women.

Modern treatments, men's hair and body | health and beauty

A representative of society tends to take care of their skin and hair. Consider the most popular procedures offered by the companies in the beauty-industry.

A variety of nursing programs for the hair and skin

Science does not stand still, regularly creating simple and quick ways to maintain the beauty. Special procedures and tools help slow aging, get rid of excess fat without exhausting diets and sport, bring back the shine and health of hair.

  1. Professional shaving - one of the most popular services in the beauty salon for men. The procedure may include a phased preparation of the skin, various oils and masks, use a razor with a special blade to get rid of ingrown hairs. The result - a clean and moisturized skin.
  2. Haircut and hair recovery. From dryness and brittleness treatment eliminates fire - a unique treatment that has no contraindications. Mesotherapy is suitable for men, faced with the problem of hair loss.
  3. Aesthetic cosmetology designed to improve muscle tone and get rid of excess weight. It is recommended to representatives of the stronger sex, who do not have time to visit the gym.
  4. Slow down aging and wrinkle reduction hardware and injection techniques. Depending on the characteristics of the skin and the desired effect cosmetologist selects the appropriate procedure. In some cases, the result becomes visible already after the first visit, but for its strengthening and consolidation is required to pass the course.
  5. Skin Care: getting rid of bags and dark circles under the eyes, deep cleansing and moisturizing matting.

When choosing a company in the field of beauty-it is important to pay attention to the professionalism of the staff and the availability of appropriate education. Working with the laser and injections require special knowledge and the precautionary approach. Equally important is the quality of the equipment used and cosmetics.

For example, in VOLKOVA beauty salon presents a variety of modern facilities for body care, facial skin and hair. Equipment and natural ingredients allow you to quickly achieve effective results. The procedure is performed with the master rich experience.