Christmas decorations with your hands (18 photos) | Do it yourself

Very soon there will come a magical, long-awaited and well-liked New Year holiday. And every woman wants her house was decorated in a special way, without the expense, but tasteful. Buy new Christmas toys every year - it is at least costly, but update the composition of Christmas toys still want each.

Fortunately for all, we have hands, we can not create a sophisticated yet stylish Christmas toys. And how to make Christmas ornaments with their hands, we'll tell you in this article.

Christmas decorations of yarn

Christmas decorations with your hands (18 photos) | Do it yourself

Make Christmas balls of yarn - the problem is very simple. To work, you can draw children - it will give them great pleasure and joy from the fact that their balloons will hang on the tree. In order to establish itself Christmas ball of thread, you will need:

  • Balloons
  • PVA glue
  • Water
  • Strong thread
  • Acrylic paint (you can do without it)

Production of Christmas decorations with your hands:

Dilute the adhesive with water. Water should be greater than the adhesive, so it will be more economical.

Inflate the balloons to the desired size. Obmoknite thread in a mixture of water and adhesive.

Wrap the ball.

Let it dry for 24 hours or dry yourself well-ball hairdryer.

Pierce a balloon with a needle and gently remove it.

If you use bright thread, you can paint your Christmas decoration, acrylic paints using your favorite color. Acrylic paints will create additional strength to Christmas decorations.

You can also decorate the balls in any accessory, such as beads, ribbon or glitter. If you decide to use for decoration small beads or sequins, then sprinkle them the ball immediately after wrapping it with thread, until the glue has dried.

Christmas decorations made of paper

Christmas decorations with your hands (18 photos) | Do it yourself

As a paper Christmas decoration perfectly suitable Grandfather Frost. Make a dressing with your hands, just as the previous one - is not difficult. You will need:

  • White paper
  • Red and blue cardboard
  • Compass
  • The stem of a ballpoint pen
  • The adhesive paper or PVA
  • Pencils
  • paints and markers

Make a Santa Claus made of paper

Take the red cardboard and draw a perfect circle on it (it will taper for Santa Claus, it determines the size of toys, so the diameter of the circle is determined based on your desires)

Cut out the circle.

Fold the circle in half and cut exactly half of it.

Of the semi-circle make the cone, and glue the edges with glue.

Of white paper cut into equal strips.

On strips along the entire length make vertical cuts of up to half of the strip. It will be "fringe coat."

With the help of the rod "zakudryavte" strip. To do this, wrap the rod ballpoint pen paper strip.

Cut an oval out of white paper and draw a face Grandpa.

A little above the middle of the cone glue face.

Then stick to the bottom of the cone paper fringe.

With all of the same make fringe beard, hat and eyebrows for Santa Claus.

Now, with paints or markers, draw Frost pattern on a fur coat, hat and mittens.

Now a favorite of all the kids ready!

Photos Christmas decorations with his own hands made