How to wash a car engine | Cars

Any novice motorist asked this question: Do you need to wash the engine? Some tips to help you wash the engine properly.

How to wash a car engine | Cars

1. For normal cleaning rags suitable simple. It is taking advantage of it can be removed from the engine the most polluted places. Do not think that after all this work is pure, it is not. Details, which are located in easily accessible locations will still be cleaner, and the rest will need to spend a little more than the usual time.

2. Wash the engine can be contaminated with hot, soapy water, detergent regardless of what will be used in work. Before you start cleaning do not forget to remove the contamination with a powerful conventional vacuum cleaner.

3. Wash possible as via brushes and spray that will supply the soapy water under pressure. After the initial work necessary to repeat the procedure. 4. However, there are the old ways of cleaning the engine - this is the use of diesel fuel. This procedure is the most common, although it also has its own nuances: after doing the procedure will stand out white smoke at least one hour on all treated surfaces, as well as be heard unpleasant smell of fuel.

All the above listed suitable for independent engine wash at home so to speak. But if you decide to get a car wash services, we offer first watch video how to choose a car wash.