Typical injuries summer resident | Fazenda

Since spring, all true vacationers purchase inventory, film for greenhouse, paint, but often forget about the first aid kit! And it is important, especially when you consider that many cooperatives and ambulance can easily get lost in the suburban jungle.

Typical injuries summer resident | Fazenda

The most important thing should be at hand: plaster validol, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, scissors, brilliant green, iodine, an extensive action Doxycycline antibiotics, antibacterial ointment "Vishnevsky", wool, latex gloves.

Trauma is the most popular, the one that is associated with bruises and sprains. They did a great job cooling menthol-based ointment. Further, according to the list, headaches and joint pain: aspirin fit, and recreation. Still there are unusual injury, it can be said force majeure - penetration of the nail feet. This injury occurs most often in rural barns, or near it, when a person is working and not looking at his feet. If you are in this moment alone, the most important thing - do not panic! Sit on a low surface, leg pull, put on a stool so that she had been at chest height, take a first aid kit, safely remove the antibiotic, drink it (you need one that would not have been blood poisoning), without removing the nail (it is very important !), do not pinch the foot bandage it. Next, call an ambulance, at the same time try to keep a foot taller. Just some clever vacationers, snapped wires on high-voltage line to save power. This absolutely can not do! shock can be so strong that you will not survive! In addition, a fire may occur.

It is worth paying attention to issues such as the sun, and heat stroke. The only difference is that when the sun, only the head is overheated and the thermal - the whole body. But it does not change the essence: they are dangerous to human life. If you feel headache, nausea, fever, chills, then you probably have a sunstroke. Immediately soak the head in cold water, open the vents for the admission of fresh air, wet the towel and throw with on the body - all of which should slow down the heat. And most importantly, drink plenty of fluids!

Ask family, friends, what would they set you on a mobile "hot button" and in case of danger, you do not have to look for a room, simply click on one button. Well, if you hand out to neighbors sheet with telephone numbers and addresses of your friends and relatives.