How to eat to avoid acne | health and beauty

Look smart and have beautiful hair and face can not only be spending a lot of money itself. To always stay young and light, you need to eat right.

How to eat to avoid acne | health and beauty

In addition, if the right foods combined with physical activity, it will be the best way to fight obesity and skin problems as acne.

Human intestine - tank coatings that are lingering out there start to ferment and rot. The products obtained as a result of substandard treatment enter the blood and slow the overall metabolism. Hence, cellulite and acne on the skin. Once easily digestible foods speed up metabolism of the intestine, and then begin the liberation of the whole body from unnecessary heavy substances. Eat properly - it does not mean to limit myself in everything. Rather, the diet should be rich in protein, vegetable fats, amino acids, carbohydrates. The diet should be present as well in large quantities and lactic acid products that are a source of lactic acid bacteria in the gut.

We should not forget about the driving mode. The term "treatment" refers to the regularity of training or exercise. Not necessarily harass a daily loads is enough for 2-3 times a week to maintain the normal form.

Follow these simple tips and you will get rid of acne.