The novelty in the automotive industry - Maruti Suzuki India Limited (2 photos) | Cars

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) - the largest automobile company in India, 22 February 2011 it launched a model Maruti SX 4 Diesel. In the petrol version of this car a worthy rival of the Indian colleagues. The company expects that the diesel version SX 4 perform better and become more popular than gasoline.

The novelty in the automotive industry - Maruti Suzuki India Limited (2 photos) | Cars


In comparison with the version of the gasoline, Diesel interior SX 4 has undergone some changes, this model comes with a double dash in different colors, well equipped interior illumination, steering has the option of selecting the tilt. This gives enough space for all passengers, and enough space for comfortable placement of the head and legs. There are also several internal features:

1. The front and rear windows are fitted with electric windows.

2. Rear fog light system.

3. One area AC.

4. The climate control system.

5. The ashtray and cigarette lighter.

6. A glass antenna for receiving a clear signal.

7. Rearview Mirror Day / Night.

8. Passenger vanity mirror.

9. Storage compartment rights and other documents, and so on. D.


Externally - a sedan. There was no change as compared to the gasoline version, everything remains the same, although the client expects that the company will make some innovations. Car Rack looks unique, front fog lamps and well designed, it gives the car a sporty and company logo right in the center of the hood looks a bit aggressive. Body decorated with mirrors and bumpers, looks attractive and respectable, the car has a good ground clearance, which provides comfort of movement even on not the best roads. In general, this is a car of the middle class, which is comparable to other similar sedans in India. Engine.

According to official MSIL, this model will be equipped with a 1.6-liter diesel engine with 16 valves, DOHC transmission and VVT, this makes it possible to produce the engine power limit 104.68 Ps at 5600 rev / min and the peak of rotation 145 Nm at 4100 rev / min. Model SX 4 may be provided with five-speed manual or automatic four-speed transmission; the company used the advanced VVT technology, which allows the engine to develop more power. The car is available in two engine variants, depending on your budget.


Maruti SX 4 is expected to well equipped with a safety system comprising the following elements:

1. Rear seat belts for 3 cars.

2. Front seat belts for 2 seats.

3. Adjustable safety belts for the front seats.

4. airbags for the driver and passengers.

5. Child lock.

6. The system of protection against side collisions.

7. Compensator lock the front door.

8. ABS / EBD.

9. Mechanisms for the front seat belt ELR 3 points and force limiters.

10. The front and rear fog lights.

The novelty in the automotive industry - Maruti Suzuki India Limited (2 photos) | Cars