Proper skin care in winter | health and beauty

Frequent temperature changes, frost, wind and dry air in the room, all of this affects the skin of the face in the winter. The facial skin is forced to adapt to a changing climate, changing its own properties.

Proper skin care in winter | health and beauty

, for example, due to the reduction of daylight decreases sebum. All this must be considered when choosing cosmetics in winter. Peeling - an obvious sign to immediately start a skin care.

When washing in the winter it is best to use warm water. You can also use a decoction of various medicinal herbs such as chamomile or calendula. These teas to soothe irritated skin. These herbal extracts have a calming effect on the skin. It is not necessary to wipe the face with ice cubes, so that the skin becomes more sensitive to frost.

Do not use soap as a cleanser, as it dries the skin in winter. Instead, put on the face of cosmetic milk pad and rinse with warm water. Further, use tonic or lotion containing no alcohol. When choosing a cream, it is necessary to bear in mind that winter is necessary to use a nutrient, not a moisturizer. When applying makeup, be aware it will take forty minutes before going outdoors. In the evening, you need to carefully wash off makeup.

When choosing cosmetics it is desirable that it was one of the firm. For skin care after 30 years it is recommended to use a pharmacy cosmetics.

If you use a scrub, then do not just go out into the cold. In winter, instead of scrubs are best used - scrub. It removes dead skin particles, without causing any harm.

Do not forget about proper balanced diet, drink vitamins. With these tips you will significantly improve your skin and you will look great.