Organization of children's holiday at a Glance | Tips

General rules for the organization of children's celebration, you probably already know, and this article will help you understand exactly what you need for a children's birthday and how long it will take.

Organization of children's holiday at a Glance | Tips
  1. To start with the date of the holiday, as not always work to organize it on a day when your baby is born. If the next weekend after the child's birth will take any other event (March 8, February 23, New Year and so on. D.), Then transfer the celebration a week later. Consider the weather conditions - if you live in Siberia and the weekend promises a snowstorm, many guests just did not come. If a birthday falls on school holidays, ask your child's friends parents, whether they can come and be there in the city. If many will leave, the celebration will also have to be postponed.
  2. For a week before the holiday you want to invite all the guests and inform their parents. The maximum number of guests - on one more than the marks of years birthday. That is 6 year old kids do not need to invite more than 7 guests. Try to call for a visit and girls and boys, it will help your son or daughter avoid complexes and problems in communication in the future. In this case, it is not necessary to invite all parents of your child's friends, tell enough how much you need to bring and pick up their child. Especially it is impossible to arrange this day feast. Arrange a meeting with the relatives of the other day.
  3. The holiday itself should be appointed at the time when the child feels most comfortable. Too early start will lead to the fact that children grow weary, they will indulge and mischievous, and later - is inconvenient to parents, and the children will have time to get ready for bed. It is best to start about 4 hours, after a nap, and the duration of the holiday should not exceed 4-5 hours. Pre-arrange with other parents about the time of the end, that did not happen, that someone was taken away in the middle of the fun.
  4. Make a festive menu. Include only snacks - sandwiches or slicing. On hot cook lean meat or poultry. The main thing that the food was not in the bones: while children will chew on chicken legs, they can stain and themselves and their clothes. The most important decoration of the evening - a cake. Cooking it should be at the rate of 200-250 grams per person, but if you decide to arrange a sweet holiday without the main course, count on 300 g per guest. Stuffing is better to choose cottage cheese, sour cream or yogurt, most importantly, without oil cream and alcohol impregnation. A great gift for any birthday - cake in the form of a favorite cartoon character. Find out what is now interested in the child and make a cake in a candy store. Excellent examples of ready-made cakes can be viewed here. In this sweet shop in Krasnodar team of true professionals in their field and can easily translate any idea. Similar organizations exist in other cities - ask around friends, maybe some of them have already ordered such unusual cakes.
  5. Make a holiday scenario. Of course, children themselves will be able to entertain themselves, but it can lead to what one will watch cartoons, there is a second, third play, and the fourth at all offended and go into another room. Write a program in the evening, come up with contests and games. If your children are already older, maybe they will want to be leading on this day. In this case, making sure that all is well, you'd better go to another room, so as not to embarrass. Solemnity best finish calm the game, and then spend all guests.

patience in such a day, it's not your holiday. Allow the child to take part in the preparations. Try to bring all the desires, which you can, so that children will remember this holiday. We wish you luck in this difficult matter!