Vinyl styling | Fazenda |

If you are already rather bored with your decor that is more often than others, why not change the existing interior without resorting to radical changes in methods.

Vinyl styling | Fazenda |

The majority uses a radical method of hiring expensive designers while that instigate global repair by replacing all the old furniture the same, but a new one. Not always this is the best way out of this situation. For those who for whatever reason are not ready to start a full renovation of living space, try using a new product, which has gained its popularity quite recently - namely, vinyl stickers.

A modern aesthetic with the practical point of view,

Vinyl stickers are the latest innovation in the world of design and decoration, as it is an affordable solution for the renovation of the old interior. These ordinary at first glance, stickers, able in minutes to change around you. Without spending much, you have the opportunity to change the interior design of any room. Digital printing of labels can be designed as a single tone or with different patterns. At the same time, they are not natural reflectors of light, which makes it possible to obtain a soft and warm shades. The material is strong enough and this durable, allowing it to decorate your walls for a long time. But hardly anyone is waiting for so long, because of their low cost, allows you to change them often. Remove the sticker from the wallpaper is very easy, because its sticky base, even after a couple of years, will remove the label quickly and without any damage. Convenience is also the fact that the adhesive base to be fixed to any surface, which will put the picture almost everywhere.

Beauty without sacrifice

To accommodate more images, such as a panel, on a wall or other surface you need to know some important nuances and to understand in general terms, how it will happen. Before you start pasting, you must properly measure the height from the floor and a lot of other important coordinates on other surfaces. Thereafter, it is necessary to prepare a selected portion, passing through it dry and clean cloth. If necessary, degrease better site if it is on the kitchen tile. After which a label is placed on a dry and clean surface, if necessary, to smooth irregularities scraper. After getting rid of bubbles, it is possible to proceed to the separation of the film from the substrate and to start adhering. If the picture size is large enough in the beginning disconnect only a small angle from the substrate and directly at the wall, continue to unstick the rest. Once the picture is fully glued to the wall, you need it again leveled with a scraper to avoid getting lines and irregularities. In the end, it is necessary to remove a layer of the protective film that protects your drawing at the time of placement. After that, you just have to enjoy pleasant change in your new interior.