Coffee skin care | health and beauty

Considering the fashion magazine, each of us jealous, "the person on the cover." Of course, photos of the model are subject to correction, but in reality it is impossible to cover pimples, age pigmentation, tighten wrinkles, but keep skin young and beautiful will help us coffee.

Coffee skin care | health and beauty

Suitable only ground coffee for brewing, or rather the remaining grounds.

Clean, dry skin help us coffee with the addition of a small schepotochki salt, cinnamon, a teaspoon of sugar and a tablespoon of any vegetable oil srl. The resulting mixture should be applied to the skin and massaged gently rubbing, and rinse water, as a mask by holding for 10 minutes.

For all skin types, except oily. Suitable coffee scrub. To do this, take equal parts thick and fat cottage cheese. We use as a regular scrub. For oily skin, cottage cheese substitute yogurt If you do not have time for many procedures, cold coffee mix with zucchini juice and wipe the face with a cotton pad. Coffee tonic replace other expensive and no harm will not bring the skin.

Wrinkle mix rye flour with strong brewed coffee to the mass was a thick, add more egg yolk and put on face. After 15 minutes, remove the wet cotton pad.

Use coffee wisely and stay always beautiful.