Top five gamers who have earned a fortune on games | ratings

Very few people in it be believed, but the people sitting at the computer for hours, passing the next level, really can become millionaires. Now computer games - is not just a hobby and a sport. Already created even entire faculty in institutions of learning cyber tricks. And eSports brings to those who practice it, really big income. For example, in the tournament about the strategy "of Starcraft" prize of one hundred thousand "green" - it's a tradition. To certainly dispel all the rumors about the uselessness of the ability to play, this article presents five gamers, who made his fortune on his hobby.

Top five gamers who have earned a fortune on games | ratings

1. Carlos Rodriguez, aka Ocelote

Twenty-four Ocelot earns in a year almost a million dollars. He is a player in the "League of Legends" is also known to all as LoL. According to Spanish journalists, income Rodriguez - is the prize money tournament game online streams of games, contributions from sponsors and the salary.

2. John Wendel, aka Fatal1ty

The name of the hero in the gaming environment has already become a kind of meme. Fatality professionally engaged in toys since 1999 - it was then that he joined the Cyberathlete Professional League. Jonathan won the tournament in such legendary games like Painkiller and Doom 3. In his gaming career, he earned about $ 450,000 - more than any other cyber sportsman, and has participated in more than 35 tournaments. It is not known what the state owns the famous player, but he has his own, private company Fatality Gaming Gear, which produces a variety of gamer goods. 3. Moon, in reality known as Jae-Ho Chen

This gamer prefers all the games Warcraft. His prize-winning account for about 440,000 dollars. In 2009 he began to work with a professional team WeMadeFox, and it earned him $ 500,000 more.

4. NaDa - Lee Yong-Yule

Another member WeMadeFox earned on cooperation 690000 "green". The prize is in the order of $ 250,000. After collaborating with the "Foxes" I was invited to compLexity team, but this contract was prematurely broken off, as a gamer called up.

5. Dendi - Daniel Ishutin

This gamer - Ukrainian, which is quite a rarity in international tournaments. One of the best players and the famous "DotA 2". The level of skill can compete with the very NewBee, tournament winners at this game in 2014. He started to play more in 2008. Daniel prize money - about 573 thousand dollars.

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