New fiction thriller - Edge of Tomorrow | Miscellaneous

Soon rolling out a science fiction film "Edge of Tomorrow" (Edge of Tomorrow). This article provides a brief description of the film.

New fiction thriller - Edge of Tomorrow | Miscellaneous

The film "Edge of Tomorrow" in 2014 removed the director Doug Lyman in the genre of fantasy, action. Country USA.

Actions take place in the future, at a time when the Earth aliens attacked the army, which is called mimicry. Mimics invaded the land wash her face with large cities, respectively, killing millions of people. Earthlings do everything possible to escape the malevolent neighbors on the planet. Human armies united to repel the aliens. It is possible that this fight would be the last for the soldiers.

Bill Cage - a lieutenant colonel, who had never fought before he was thrown into the thick of battle now. At the same time he still had no luck, and with equipment, which almost was not, and he was not prepared for such an eventuality, Bill knew he could die in an unequal battle. He was right ... Just a few minutes later he is killed, but Cage manages to bring a life of a stranger. After a moment, Colonel wake up alive at the beginning of that day, when he was at the center of the carnage. On the back is forced to go into battle and die, so that once again wake up alive and start all over again ... life ... death ... He gained the ability to come to life through physical contact with an alien who has closed time loop and now Bill Cage is necessary each time to enter again in the battle with the terrible and not good facial expressions. Every time dying, and then reviving Cage realizes that becoming a lot smarter and more ruthless in battle with the aliens. Bill meets a special forces soldier Vratski Rita, which killed more aliens than anyone else who lived on Earth. Cage and Vratski unite and fight back facial expressions, over and over again closer to unraveling how to save our Earth from intruders.

The slogan of the film "Live. Die Another Day. And again"

Roles played: Emily Blunt, Jeremy Piven, Charlotte Riley, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Dragomir Mrsich, Franz Drameh, Emmanuel Akintunde, Ronan Summers, Bentley Kalu, Tom Cruise, Lara Pulver, Bill Paxton, Jonas Armstrong, Tony Kaye, Kick Gurry, Masayoshi Haneda, Tommy Campbell, John Otto, Phoenix James, Jim Sturgeon.

After the end of filming "Edge of Tomorrow" Tom Cruise gave a rousing party for his colleagues in the film, which, incidentally, he was not even. The party spent more than $ 100, 000!

Premiere of the film "Edge of Tomorrow" in Russia will be held June 5, 2014.