What is a Smartphone and how to choose the right it | Tips

What is a Smartphone and how to select it right

Immediately necessary to understand the meaning of concepts invested in this case. Currently, there are two concepts as the developers of "iron" and software, software.

This is a smartphone and communicator. Identify and we in these terms:

A) smartphone - a cell phone, complete with PC functionality.

B) communicators - Pocket PC, complete with the functionality of a cell phone.

What is a Smartphone and how to choose the right it | Tips

Today separation of these two concepts is gone, that is. To. These two terms mean almost the same thing. Currently, all without exception, these devices, then they will be called only smartphones have features like e-mail, HTML - editor, GPS-navigator, and all sorts of applications, etc. These devices are running the operating system (OS) and the like. tend to have a numeric keypad. Recently, however, the wide popularity began to use smart phones with touch screen.

So, why do we need a smartphone? Being in touch with all or read / listen to books, watch movies, or play games. And maybe use photo and video camera, creating for themselves the unique stories of what they saw. On a smartphone, you can listen to music by pumping it through usb- port or bluetooth, so you can download free ringtones for your phone.

The choice is ours, but it's not easy.

The most simple tips and tricks.

Immediately worth mention that everything is above / below the foregoing refers to unbiased user who does not understand and do not know what OS (operating system) and software (software). However, he is able to calculate their financial capabilities and has already decided on the selected device functionality. At first, define the color, size and shape of the smartphone. Particularly for women, as they prefer, as a rule, bright and flashy colors, white, yellow and red. But while the main color of black smartphones.

Next, we define the body material. Currently, it is made of durable plastic. But there are models in the metal housing. It is clear that these devices will be much more expensive than plastic.

Determine the screen, which is very important, ie. A. Then the cost will be quite substantial. Larger screen, higher cost and longer battery power. You need to know, and that the greater the number mA (mili- Ampere hours), the longer the smartphone will be in working order. Note, however, the battery charging must be carried out almost in full its discharge, thus extending the service life.

To summarize for this it is necessary to clarify for themselves basic characteristics smartphone: OS (operating system), weight, body size, battery, screen (touch or other) camera (mega - pixels 2 ... 8), Flash, AF, K - in SIM-card (1..3), built-in memory card (32 MGB or more) processor (1 GHz or more).

Successful selection and purchase.