"Hot" route cozy Daysena | Cities and countries

At the foot of the mountain stretches Daysen eponymous ski resort, which tracks can be called truly "hot". The mountain itself is often referred to as "west of Mount Fuji". Like Fuji, Daysen is of volcanic origin. The special impression on tourists produce spurting from the depths of the hot springs, located not far from the slopes. Daysen, by the way, is not the only volcano in the district - next to it adjoins the now extinct Sambesan.

The resort Daysen currently laid 26 routes with a total length of about 9 kilometers. Most of them are designed for mid-level skiers, but for beginners and professionals also constructed slopes. Here there is no very steep slopes, however, appreciate this ski resort for a nice plump snow that falls here in considerable quantities. It lies here from December to March. In Daysene easily can find a tutorial school, shop equipment and other much-needed places for skiers. Between the descent from the summit you can admire the stunning views of people here - the endless pine forests and inviting the Sea of ​​Japan. Daysen is not only famous as a ski resort, but also as a hospital. Therapeutic hot springs in the town and beyond are well known by the Japanese. Here you can improve your health and spirit, visiting ancient temples. The most famous of them - Daysen-ji, whose age is about 1300 years old, is a very important part of the culture of Japan.