Rich snail | animals |

Rich snail | animals |

A funny and incredible story took place in California!

For us is not news that a lot of people are getting their money is inherited. But what if the owner of the incalculable wealth was just ... a snail.

And it was so load with money (in the truest sense of the word), one eccentric Californian millionaire your pet. Snail that lives in her garden, she bequeathed $ 22 million.

This snail is called Sammy, and was very fond of her. Little Clam brightened lonely hours of the existence of an old woman. She spent a lot of time in the garden, especially during the last years of his life, talking with your pet, trusting him with their innermost thoughts and considering it perhaps his best companion.

Since the snail, unfortunately, she will not be able to dispose of suddenly fallen down on her head, wealth, according to the will, the money will be spent on maintenance of the garden, where he lives a happy heir.