Mexican fire opal (photo 2) | Nature

Mexican fire opal (photo 2) | Nature

In this post, I would like to share with you the beauty of the Mexican fire opal, but first I will tell a little about him.

Opal - one of the most popular gemstones. It is considered the most valuable in most jewelers.

Opals are common and noble. Noble Opal - is the opal, which can be poured bright and clean colors. Although the Mexican fire opal is mainly not transfused, he still considered precious opal. Fire Opal very rarely can "show" the beauty of their flowers. At this time, in the depths of the stone there is a kind of "flash". Fire Opal occupies a leading place among the precious stones in value.

Name Mexican fire opal comes from its place of production. Accordingly, the largest production site of fire opals is Mexico. It was in Mexico produced the largest number of fire opal. In Mexico, the fire opal is the national stone. Mexican fire opal is known mainly because of its bright orange-red color.

Opal is considered a symbol of hope and faithfulness. Yet this stone in France was popular with thieves, they wore it as a talisman, t. To. It was believed that the opal makes its wearer invisible.

According to some information about the disgrace and know our ancient ancestors, who lived in 250 BC. e.

Great jeweler Rene Lalique believed opal their favorite stone. From it he made decorations famous actress Sarah Bernhardt.

Mexican fire opal, and other varieties of opals is best to find their "place" in the earrings and necklaces, opal is not inserted into the rings, t. To. He is very fragile and the slightest bump can severely damage it.

This Mexican fire opal, during his rare overflow.

Mexican fire opal (photo 2) | Nature