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Blood and Soul | Games

In the universe of the game are very closely intertwined destinies of heaven and hell. The plot tells of a great war in which the demons of the underworld, almost defeated humanity, but to help people come to the spirits of the heavens. They began to teach people how to resist wicked forces.

From the beginning, the game "Blood and Soul" literally absorbs the player and pushes it forward to the adventure. When creating your character, you can only change its appearance and determine the class be allowed only when you pass more than a dozen difficult quests. First Modification: rifleman, warrior, mage, or bard. By the 60th level of the second modification example: Bard - can become a healer or blagoslovitelem and warrior - a fighter for close fighting, or "tank". But before that you must still live. Initially, the quests will follow one after the other, will seem infinite mana and spells will be read directly on the run. Your character will even be spared from having to run to the trainer for skills, everything is done right on the spot.

The evolution of the game

What is remarkable game will be apparent from the secret is already at the 15th level. After performing the assigned tasks, you will have the elf. Its main advantage is that it enhances the characteristics of the owner and, in addition, it often has very useful properties. Example, gives the hero the ability to restore health after each attack or immobilize enemies. Selecting elf to your liking, you will want to grow it, and then cross with her elf another player, and so on. D. When you become the owner of this Elf, Valkyrie, it will need to improve, providing the souls of others such as elves or magic stones, and do not forget about feeding, as the heroine quite gluttonous, so quickly begins to weaken, which eventually leads to reduction of the advantages to your parameters.

The overall picture of

In the fields, only members of the guild are to fight, to fight, to fight each other (this is a kind of fighting for territory). For a long stay online, players receive special bonuses from the game store. For example, you can get a pet that follows the third day will help to collect things from defeated enemies.

Heroes of the game "Blood and Soul" are available 4 craft specialty: recycling of resources, dismantling items, tailoring and blacksmithing. Virtual artisans make armor, jewelry and weapons. Kraft initially very unstable - in fact you do not know what features will be in future weapons. As instituted in many other games, all of these troubles can be avoided if you buy in-game store special runes. But on the other hand, if it is strong not to get involved in crafting, it is quite possible to live without it.

In addition to beautiful clothes or temporary animals to travel, at a local store, you can buy to enhance their weapons and armor, or a temporary license to use the legal bot for leveling. In general, good results can be achieved by gradually pumping character without a visit to the store, but it will take much more time. This classic scheme, is used in virtually every free MMORPG. The game "Blood and Soul" would be a typical role-playing game average, if not for the chance to feel in the role of this fantasy breeder, who is able to bring its own breed of elves, and then test their effectiveness in direct combat. In general, born of collective intelligence "Blood and Soul" from the developers of America, China and South Korea, the player touches his very thought-out mechanics: + pet improvement of equipment + selection + Social, and all this in zavortyvaetsya lovely shell-looking elves.