The Settlers Online | Games

The Settlers Online | Games

The Settlers Online (Setlers line) -.. Is a free browser-based, ie, not a pipe installed on a computer strategy from the studio Ubisoft Blue Byte. Studio Ubisoft Blue Byte has long been known to millions of gamers worldwide, primarily due to the popular series of games The Settlers (Setlers), the first of which came out in 1993 year and already has won a huge number of fans. The Settlers Online both the traditions of his predecessor inherited all the best from the legendary Setlers, including gameplay, exciting quests and funny characters.

In general, The Settlers Online is practically no different from the past, not a series of browser games. Player as before is given a place in the settlement, which he will gradually develop, build new mines and buildings, collect resources, pave the road and explore the surrounding area. The uniqueness of the online strategy is the interaction with other players. With whom you will fight and trade, unite in clans and alliances, organizovavat joint campaigns for resources.

Resources in the game are divided into three categories. .. The most important - it's just raw materials: wood, ore, meat, wheat, water, etc. Further there are support resources, and include the results of processing of raw materials: iron, bronze, flour, sausage. And the third category - the end products: swords, crossbows, nitrate carts. Their settlement will even defend the very beginning of the game, so you do not have to be bored from the beginning. Around you will always be relatively weak, but very annoying base robbers who come to plunder your fledgling settlement. For protection against savage barbarians need to hire soldiers. In addition, d To succeed in the game will also learn the basics of trading and establish uninterrupted production of all necessary protection. The only way to build up its military capability and has to make raids on their neighbors.

Attack can not only thieves and neighbors, but also a variety of bosses, of which a sufficient number of the game. Main before the attack to make sure that you have the strength and victorious campaign does not turn into a shameful retreat. The Settlers Online includes many different nuances that are interested in the game and stryh fans and newcomers.

Embark on a fascinating adventure by yourself or with friends, discover and conquer new lands, be ready to repel the enemy on your state, plunge into the world of exciting adventures Setlers line