"Essence of Desire": Brigitte Macron became "godmother mother" panda cub.

In the Paris zoo was given the name of the first four months of panda cubs born in France. Baby named Yuan Meng, which in Chinese means "a dream come true."

"godmother mother" bear became the wife of the French president Emmanuel Makron - Brigitte.

How was his "baptism" - in the photo gallery:

Yuan Meng was born August 4, 2017.

This is the first panda to be born in France.

Mom baby - Juan Juan.

The baby weighed 143 grams.

China gave France two adult pandas in 2012 for ten years.

The Pope cub - Yuan Zi.

For the care of a cub arrived workers Center for the Study and breeding giant pandas in Chengdu.

2-3 years Yuan Meng went to China.

The name of the newborn has chosen China.

Now Yuan Meng weighs about 8 kg.

Toddler is not shown to visitors of the zoo.

It was first presented to the public January 13, 2018.