Video from "Paranormal Activity" exploded network

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A resident of Ireland on behalf of Esha Murphy has published on his page on the social networking site Facebook video, which a few days gained almost four million views, reports The Daily Mail. Ashe took off on camera unusual phenomena that occurred in her kitchen, and said it was a poltergeist.

Initially, the kitchen does not happen nothing unusual, but after a few seconds, starts to become loose lamp. Further, there was a crack - it drops the mop, which stood in the corner. Behind her on the table spontaneously moved the frying pan and opened the cupboard door. The video ends at the moment when the bucket moves in the direction of the owner of the apartment. Netizens are divided into two camps - many have called the video "a cheap trick with a rope," but some do believe that the actions taking place in the kitchen Murphy - tricks of supernatural forces.

"I would have a moment ran away from home," "Can a ghost do not like music?" "At 1 minute 05 visible wire" - sounded comments below the video.