The new book "The Magic of the site: the internal optimization to increase sales"

The new book

How to analyze the competition, which will help to circumvent restrictions CMS is the secret of selling texts and which sites now in the trend? Answers to these and many other questions - vbesplatnom electronic edition.

Internal optimization - skipping in the top search engines and tools conversion of site visitors into customers. To learn how to use its potential for the benefit of business - in the new book "The Magic of the site: the internal optimization to boost sales."

In this issue:

  • how to assess the competition and work around them in search results;
  • what if the content management system makes it difficult to optimize;
  • which texts will help to increase the conversion;
  • as the full use of internal resources of the site;
  • what awaits tomorrow SEO (site building trends, new algorithms, etc.).

Readers provide recommendations and solutions for the development of websites based on the algorithms of search engines, the latest trends and new goal-setting - work at improving the profitability of the Internet resource. Bets are made on the removal of technical errors, preparing marketing content, elaboration of usability, improved behavioral characteristics and increase conversion of visitors into buyers.

The new book

The book "The Magic of the site: the internal optimization to boost sales" will be useful to those involved in the development of your project, wants to knowingly choose a contractor for the site promotion, strives to keep abreast of trends in the industry, self-taught internet marketer. The authors tried to make the publication of the most interesting for managers on advertising and PR, SEO-specialists and web project managers.

E-book is free, requires no download or registration email input.