Shoes from the movie "Back to the Future" will be recharged when walking

Shoes from the movie

In Germany, came up with the concept of shoes, which will bring the world to the appearance of the very shoes from the movie "Back to the Future 2" - with samozavyazyvayuschimisya laces.

The energy for this operation will be to get at human walking.

According to this idea, the energy will be collected from the heel strike of the surface and during leg movement. The device can generate up to 4 MW of energy. It is expected that the generators will be able to feed the sensors installed in sneakers. Hour walk will be enough to get enough for tying and untying the laces. In order to "get rid" of the shoe, you will need to force to put pressure on the foot.

Shoes from the movie

Something similar has already been invented earlier, but such footwear was cumbersome due to the large supply. However, the German developers managed to solve the problem by finding the right balance between the power source size and sneakers.

Shoes from the movie

It is worth noting that it was in 2015 one of the American companies in the production of shoes promised to provide shoes that are laced themselves. "The concept of" these shoes was first seen in sci-fi movie "Back to the Future 2", released in 1989.

In 2011, the company has already made similar shoes, but they are only able to lighten up. The same model can also own laces.