How to become a good company

How to become a good company

How often do we dream about, to please one and all? And how do I do it! You have to be fun, interesting, charismatic, a good listener. The list is very long. But what it is worth noting. It is impossible to please absolutely everyone.

But if you like anyone and everyone can not be the person that simply interesting to communicate is still possible. It is also difficult and requires many qualities, but at least it's real. And for this you need to follow a few rules.

Do not be a bore

It is very difficult to understand that we are boring at this point in time, because each of us considers himself the best at everything. You tell an interesting story and see that people yawn? Perhaps this story is not as interesting as it sounds. Try to complete it and to speak to others.

The most charismatic people are always good listeners

People love to talk about how cool and that's why there is always a shortage of good listeners. Give your interlocutor to tell you about myself. Ask him to counter questions. Strange, but the people who love us the most are always saying little.

Discuss interlocutor interests

This problem is very well revealed in a book by Dale Carnegie, a review of which you can find here. Ask your buddy about his hobbies, ask questions. And discuss them. You have up to 80% close to having to please. If you are well versed in the interlocutor a hobby, it's easy to keep the conversation going. If not, ask him in detail. He will tell you with great pleasure.

Rule 3 stories

People are not interested in the features of your new phone. What really gets them, so this is a real story that happened to you. Drama and reality shows have become popular for a reason. So always keep in stock 3 interesting stories that can be told. These stories should be exciting, emotional and attractive. People must be wondering what will happen in the next minute?


The word invest so much sense that it becomes difficult to understand what it all means the same. Someone says that with the charisma born, and someone thinks that this skill is developed over the years. But here's what's interesting:

A study conducted by two psychologists in 1967 proved that in conversation only 7% of the attention falls on the word. The rest pays attention to the interlocutor of the tone of speech and body language.

Laugh. Smile. Be emotional. Do not forget the gesture and not rely solely on words.

Live interesting life

Communicate with interesting people, read interesting books. The people with whom you spend your time a very strong influence on your character, whether you like it or not. The proper way to be interesting - it is to live an interesting life. And believe me, it will give you much more than just being able to be an interesting conversationalist.