"Dead" city of millionaires

Beihai City, located in Guangxi, the inhabitants of the nearby settlements called "city of the dead." And he got a nickname for one reason - Beihai became a ghost town.

This city was built for a new class of wealthy Chinese.

Real quickly bought up.

However, after six years, the city of Beihai and not revived.

And in the house so far no one has entered.

Villa owners are hoping that rising real estate prices will increase sales.

Vacant villas are located too far from the city center, which was the reason for their unpopularity among the Chinese.

If China will grow and modernize, perhaps one day the dead city like this one, will develop and revive.

But at the moment lonely expensive houses are waiting for new tenants.

And because sooner or later everything is in decline, then soon the whole infrastructure of the abandoned city will require repair and maintenance.

Will this "dead zone" re-Residential - time will tell.