What do the figures which we unconsciously draw?

What do the figures which we unconsciously draw?

Have you ever wondered what are the different designs that we do not hesitate to emerge on the paper?

Look further description of such arts.

Parade numbers

Fans to draw tsiferki concerned only tangible assets. The first option - you have to figure out where and how you can earn. Second - you think about how to pay off debt.

Let there always be sunshine

Notebook pages or garlands adorn the sun? Paradoxically, your mood is not so rosy as these figures. You do not have enough warmth, care and attention. Do you dream of friendship and affection. Want some advice? Try to be more likely among people in the near future. Call a friend, go with them to the movies or for a walk, sit in cafes. Then the sun will appear not only on paper but also in your soul.

Oh, these figures

Squares, diamonds, triangles give out clear objectives and firm convictions. Such figures are usually depict people who are accustomed to openly express their views. They try not to give in to the enemy, have a practical turn of mind, a well-developed logical thinking and ability to engage in a leadership position. And the symmetrical shape means a commitment to accuracy and order, prudence and ability to plan everything. At the same time, if the figures are drawn corners too sharply - it is a clear tendency towards aggression. Your problem - excessive concentration, which prevents properly relax.

Crosses without zeros

Crosses express guilt. Perhaps you are someone hurt or failed to fulfill a promise or do you think that others have criticized for something. Quickly discuss everything that bothers you, or ask for forgiveness, immediately becomes easier. By the way, your picture may be more than just conventional crosses as well, such as jewelry or patterns that contain a cross-shaped elements. As a rule, this kind of woman they give.

The spirals, circles, wavy lines

Other people's problems are not too concerned or you are not interested. You are very secretive and introverted person, not like when others walk into your business. Perhaps you experience an easy crisis. Now - solid bare wire. Try to keep yourself in the hands of, or can flare up and insult the interlocutor.

Gori Gori, my star ...

Star - an indicator upbeat nature. Faced with such a person tries not to give up and tries to cope with the difficulties quickly. In addition, a similar figure demonstrates a desire to "draftsman" draw attention to themselves.

In the field of birch stood ...

Thin trees with bare branches draw lost and frustrated people. But branched crown and thick trunk show that you are energetic, cheerful, and at the moment nothing is bothering you.

to the heart Heart

You are overwhelmed. I would like to kiss the whole world. But you constantly control your emotions and by seem stern and forbidding. And the larger the figure, the greater the difference between your true face and his usual mask. Enough to control themselves, become more open and relaxed.

House for bees

"Honeycomb" talking about the quest for orderly and unhurried pace of life, peace, harmony with oneself and the world. Furthermore, such a pattern may mean a desire to start a family, which is often the person does not want to admit even to itself currently.


Flowers and leaves are talking about good character. Such people are sympathetic and like to help others. They are also sensitive and emotional. If a person draws the plants in a vase, it means that it is constantly required replenishment of energy.

Shah mat or

You are trapped in an unpleasant or difficult situation, so draw a chessboard. And you want to solve all the problems, work out its tactics and strategy, as do the players. Meanwhile, if such an image in your notebook - a frequent visitor, then it is possible that you are suffering from hidden complexes.

Have you heard?

Psychologists say: about nine out of ten people aged 18 to 34 years continuously draw in between times, and among those over 65, - six out of ten. It is known that John Kennedy liked to depict sailing boats. According to the authoritative graphologist, it was a sign of greater persistence and vitality.