Top 5 Tips to prevent tooth decay

Top 5 Tips to prevent tooth decay

To prevent the formation of caries is much easier and more effective than treating the filling of, or other dental procedures. In addition, it is much cheaper than that is also important. Depending on the extent of the disaster treatment can cost serious money.

If you want to know how to prevent tooth decay naturally (without chemicals or usual care), we can give you a few simple tips:

1. Eat more foods rich in alkali. lye makes bones stronger and healthier. Consequently, the consumption of foods rich in alkali, will prevent cavities. The number of such products include vegetables and fruits.

2. Balance the pH level. The increased level of acidity may lead to disruption of the equilibrium pH in the body, and to the loss of calcium. And calcium is essential for bone health. Try to eat less foods high in acid and sugar, as they lead to an increase in acidity and disrupt the pH balance in your body.

Top 5 Tips to prevent tooth decay

3. Eat raw vegetables. In the process of thermal processing of vegetables lose some of the nutrients that are the building blocks of cells. Eat raw vegetables at least from time to time so that your body gets as many nutrients as possible.

4. Use tea tree oil. Turn on tea tree oil in a number of products that you use for daily oral care. Tea tree oil can actually protect your teeth from bacterial growth, and thus the destruction of tooth enamel.

5. Drink more water. Water is essential for the formation of saliva. But saliva is very important for the preservation of oral health. It contains important enzymes, which cover the teeth and protect them from germs.

This is the most basic steps that you can take to prevent tooth decay. They help you maintain the health of not only the teeth, but also the whole organism.