Why traffic light is red, yellow and green colors, and not any other?

Why traffic light is red, yellow and green colors, and not any other?

The fact that the choice of colors for traffic lights fell on the red, yellow and green, and even white and blue, is due to two main reasons. One of them is in the field of physics phenomena, the other in the field of human psychophysiology.

The colors have different effects on their expressiveness.

Take, for example, conventional steel doors. Light tone and color painting the door makes her man feels less severe. Dark colors including black design, make the steel doors feels more massive. Expressiveness of color is particularly evident in advertising.

Those pillars, having the color of bright sunny colors attract human and pay much more attention to the existing text and image than pillars, decorated in soft shades of blue or green.

The traffic light should be encouraged to pay attention to changes in the situation when you switch a traffic light color and then apply color having a stimulating effect of a warning - yellow.

Red is often in the nature of many living beings is a signal of danger is very close located. Therefore, the ability to move the pedestrian is a dangerous situation for two people on the road and the red signal lamp excites the nerve centers of the driver and pedestrian, indicating the presence of imminent danger.

Why traffic light is red, yellow and green colors, and not any other?

It should also be said that these three colors are best perceived by the human eye in its physical parameters and the wavelength inherent. The sensation of red and green color signals as banning and prohibiting the movement must be clearly identified without the possibility of error. As is observed. Even color-blind do not disassemble the colors of gray tone can accurately respond to the traffic light color is red or green.

Although this definition of human physical defect greatly weakened. And because there is a ban on driving with this disease.

It should be clearly understood that the human eye to light of various light wavelength is reacted with greater or lesser sensitivity. To select the resolution of green light due to the maximum approximation to the level of that color is most clearly perceived by part of the spectrum. He can be seen in contrast to the other traffic light colors with the greatest possible distance.

Because the higher sensitivity of the eye at 555 nm. A perception of a green color having a value range of 500-550 nm range, at a different time of day did not fall below 0.5 of maximum sensitivity values ​​in daylight and twilight observation.

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