What happens in the mind of your dog?

What happens in the mind of your dog?

Dreams come true dog lovers - A new study, which was conducted during a brain scan dogs, it makes sure that soon this technology will find out what really think about their pets hosts.

After a series of studies using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), researchers were able to see "inside" dog brain. They believe that the study of the brain of dogs during intercourse with a person will open up a whole new door for interspecies communication and understand the relationship between man and dog from a dog's point of view.

Many dog ​​lovers all over the world would like to introduce that feel to them their pets, but no one yet could not do brain scans of dogs to see their actual thought process.

A new study shows that dogs are paying very close attention to human signals and these signals have a direct effect on the reward system in their brain. It is not clear what kind of emotions experienced dogs, whether they understand the meaning of what the owner said, as well as the dog is happy or sad, but soon it will be possible to determine. Scientists say that the dog's brain represents something special, like the human brain. It is possible that the dog also influenced human evolution. People who have dogs in their homes and villages may have given them an advantage over other animals. People have done a lot for a dog, but probably, and the dog did a lot of human evolution.

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