Your left side of the face is more attractive

Your left side of the face is more attractive

Want to look good in the photos? New research has shown that the left side of the human person, as a rule, is more attractive to others than the right, which partly explains why the portraits often depict the profile of a man on the left.

Dr. James Shirillo (James Schirillo), Professor of Psychology and colleagues from Wake Forest University in the US asked 37 male and female students to assess photographs of faces of 10 men and 10 women.

The pictures were presented as their initially removed, and also in the form of a reflection mirror, wherein the right cheek provided to the left and vice versa.

What happened? the left side of the face in the photograph generally rated as more "pleasant" than those that showed the right side, regardless of whether they were shown the face as it was originally removed or with the reflection effect in the mirror.

Your left side of the face is more attractive

The researchers confirmed the findings by measuring the size of the pupils participating. The fact that early studies have shown that pupil size increases when we look at the pleasant and interesting images, and the pupils constrict when the image is unpleasant to us. The results showed that the left side of his face expresses more emotion that observers considered more aesthetically appealing. In this regard, it is worth noting that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the face during emotional facial expressions.

So what practical use can be found a new study? When you take a picture, try to rotate so that the longer your left side of his face was visible, and not the rule. Other people appreciate photography as more attractive.

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