On the streets of Serbia appeared successful beggar Invisible

On the streets of Serbia appeared successful beggar Invisible

Nemanja Petrovic, a beggar, "veteran" of Serbia, gradually began to turn into a successful businessman after he was surprised to find that it can receive from passers-by a lot more money by pretending to be invisible.

42-year-old poor man from Subotica discovered his entrepreneurial skills when least expected. Usually people do not pay attention to him, and begging him almost getting any.

Petrovich was simply in despair that the city residents indifferently passed by and did not even look in his direction. Sometimes he even wanted to throw his hat into them with indignation.

And then one day, a man could not resist and protest took off his shoes and cap and left them on the street next to a homemade inscription "Beggar invisible." And he at that time, went for a walk and let off steam. Reassured, Petrovich returned to the place where he had left his things and saw passers appreciated his joke. Around the ironic inscription was a crowd of people, and the beggar cap was full of money.

"Now I just leave this inscription and a pair of shoes for the entourage and forward donations, and he at that time drinking coffee in a restaurant across the street," - busily explained Petrovich.

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