21 reason to leave Man

21 reason to leave Man

, you've met amazing guy, and your relationship began to evolve rapidly. But at first, may have doubts about whether to continue the relationship. Below are the signs that will help you to understand where are the relations, whether you appreciate a guy, is it possible for something serious to count or you'd better leave the guy? Was held a month or two with a day exploring the ...

  1. It is increasingly spending time with friends and not with you.
  2. You little talking.
  3. You have almost no nothing in common except the bed together.
  4. You notice how he ever look at other girls.
  5. He no longer makes you a compliment, not as affectionate.
  6. Are you more likely to occur in the company, there is little time to spend together.
  7. It is often a long time does not respond to your SMS and calls.
  8. late for a meeting, or do not come.
  9. finds all sorts of reasons to postpone the meeting.
  10. Do not you feel from him care and assistance, when you is not easy (obstruction of work, illness, difficult situation).
  11. When you linger late into the night, it does not always, or never let you takes, does not ring.
  12. Even after a couple of months after the meeting, he did not know what you like, not trying to please you.
  13. You will no longer feel those feelings to him.
  14. When you quarrel, he always goes, throws you one.
  15. During your visits sometimes he suddenly goes under specious pretexts.
  16. It is unreliable, does not keep promises.
  17. He does not want to introduce you to their friends and loved ones.
  18. He began to irritate some small things to you (if it happens early in a relationship, then, believe me, then there will be more quarrels and misunderstanding).
  19. The lack of humor at all in the relationship.
  20. Have you noticed that he values ​​you more oomph, but not the soul.
  21. His amazing men's greed.

part with your favorite guy is never easy, but sometimes it's better for both of you to end the relationship in the beginning. So I try flying in the euphoria of love, sometimes to look closely to your chosen one. Otherwise the relationship may come to a standstill and the cause in the future much more pain.

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