Thick teach dogs to climb the stairs in a mechanical basket

Thick teach dogs to climb the stairs in a mechanical basket

In the UK, have developed a device that will help rastolstevshie dogs to climb the stairs without much effort, writes The Sun. The new product is a plastic basket, equipped with a lifting mechanism. The device works on the principle of stair lifts for people with disabilities.

Basket-lift for dogs has been developed after the insurance company has published data on the amount of animal fat in the UK. It was found that one third of 8, 3 million British dogs suffering from overweight. The number of fat dogs in the country will continue to grow: by 2022 half of the total number of domestic dogs will be obese. According to the inventors of the basket-lift, the use of devices to help dogs who have difficulty walking up the stairs, to reduce the load on the heart. The dog can take advantage of a basket called Stair Of The Dog in 2022, it should sit in it and then put it in motion by pressing a paw button.

In how many inventors estimate Stair Of The Dog 2022 is not specified.

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