Long-eared jerboa - the "eared" being on the planet

Long-eared jerboa - the

Among the long-eared animals planet leading place is occupied by long-eared jerboa (Euchoreutes naso). This rare small animal the size of not more than 9 cm has the longest ears in the world, if considered in relation to body length. The length of its ears reaches 5 cm, which is more than half of its body length. For comparison: the length of an African elephant ears less than a quarter of the body length.

Animal moves jerky leaps with their long hind legs covered with a special gun, which allow him to stay on the surface of the sand. Food eared desert dwellers are insects.

Long ears, developing along the body during movement, sharp little muzzle with small eyes and a long, thin tail make this an unusual creature is quite amusing. Very fun to watch this hopping kangaroo eared mini than English zoologists and engaged during an expedition to the Gobi Desert.