Clothing, in which we sleep, we can tell a lot about

Clothing, in which we sleep, we can tell a lot about


Tight pajamas flannel.

A very kind man, with a soft and pliable character, who is always ready to help others. He loves company, parties and travel.

A long nightie.

Very romantic person, highly exposed impressions sensitive. It is very interested in what others think of her people, and she always tries to look good.

Translucent not long nightgown with lace.

This woman loves compliments, loves affection and tenderness. The embodiment of femininity. Frequent guest at the posh receptions and parties. She never missed an opportunity to show their beauty to men admired her.

Children pajamas.

Homebody, loves comfort. Avoids volatility. She believes that her husband - her real protector, and appreciates it. A very reliable person, she never fails to work and family life.

The shirt of cotton cloth.

Open person, all can find a common language, a friendly. All well-deserved treat it with respect. And it constantly proves that this really worthy of respect.

Asleep naked.

Very unpredictable lady, confident and independent. Do not stop in front of obstacles on the path of life. She was used to trust people, but does not forgive hypocrisy and duplicity. It does not communicate with the scheming and plotting she did not. Just do not like to flirt. Clothing, in which we sleep, we can tell a lot about


In swimming trunks.

He likes to be surrounded by a procedure. Good to know people who loves taking care of others. Always remember the dates of important holidays.

in your pajamas.

Monogamous. Practical and hardworking. Goal-oriented person. Playing sports, he loves new experiences and travel.

In the pants of pajamas.

A man who knows his own worth. Do not follow fashion. Do not throw the work begun once. He likes consistency. In some ways, a conservative.

The pajama jacket.

The opinion of others about him he was not very concerned about. A lot of time at home. Good and evil eye. To work fits with great enthusiasm.

Asleep naked.

This man has a highly developed imagination, creative enough people. His inner world is very rich and varied. He always gets set ourselves goals through confidence. At work he enjoys the fame enthusiast, a person to make decisions quickly, quickly grasp the essence of the problem.