Mathematics will be "tough", if you take your emotions under control

Mathematics will be

It turns out that sometimes deal with math problems hinder us emotions, rather than lack of knowledge. Of course, if this knowledge is) came to this conclusion, and even proved with the help of fMRI results of the University of Chicago - reports Medical Xpress.

To study the phenomenon of fear of mathematics, researchers recruited students who admitted this very fear. Before you start mathematical test or a dictation test subject showed anything associated with one or another subject. After a few minutes, then I started the exam itself. All this time, the activity of the brain was observed using fMRI.

It turned out that the reminder that now have to deal with mathematics, led to the fact that the subjects properly cope with an average of 68% of jobs. At the same time if such stimulation is not happening, the percentage of successfully completed problems were increased to 83%. For comparison, when no prior training so students easily passed the test relating to mathematics, they could tend to solve 88% of jobs. MRI also showed that the "mathematical anxiety" is associated with activation of the caudate nucleus and adjacent subcortical structures. That is, those that are responsible for motivation, moral satisfaction and assess the risk of future actions, but not directly related to the solution of problems.

As psychologists conclude, those who are afraid of mathematics, we must learn to deal with their emotions and to switch attention to the turmoil over the fact "that is," at what needs to be done right now.