In the Netherlands, there is "Heartbreak Hotel"

In the Netherlands, there is

you are unhappy in marriage and want to end a relationship faster than with your husband or wife? Dutch hotel Heartbreak Hotel (Heartbreak Hotel) will help you to get a divorce for 48 hours instead of a few months.

The Dutch company began offering estranged couples divorce, which can be completed over the weekend with the help of lawyers specialists, child psychologists financial advisors, and even real estate agents.

In the Netherlands, there is

According to the scheme, warring with each other spouse pay about 2,500 euros, and the agency to reserve them in a number of separate rooms hidden, but specially selected luxury hotels in Holland and Belgium. As soon as the couple arranged, they enjoy five star services in the hotel, while the experts are finalizing their divorce to the smallest detail.

The idea is to give couples the opportunity to disperse in peace and without acrimony. In this case, both spouses must be firmly committed to the idea of ​​divorce. If this is not the case, the idea is not effective.

Divorce papers are completed and signed on the second day of the weekend, and given to the court.