Most misfortunes of life

Most misfortunes of life

1. Open the toilet and find there someone sitting in the "pot"

2. Accidentally spit in someone's face during a call.

3. sweat so that it becomes noticeable through a shirt or pants.

4. Forget the name of the person with whom you talk.

5. Suddenly discover for himself that someone came into the bath while you wash.

6. Do not get invited to the party, which invited all your friends.

7. On the beach or in the pool to lose some bathing suit and publicly expose you.

8. Publicly break the pants to the pope.

9. At a friend's house to go to the toilet and flush to break up the moment washed away their "pyramid".

10. To mix the fat girl pregnant.

11. To tell something do not show partiality to a man who quietly went back and listened.

12. In the course of losing his pants due to a broken zipper.

13. Do not hold back and fart in a crowded elevator.

14. Publicly puke.

15. Upon entering the transport to remember that money and travel documents remained at home in another bag. 16. The blows his nose in a crowded public transport.

17. View the locker room in the health club and there to see a naked man.

18. Speaking on the phone with a stranger to mix male and female voice.

19. To see the familiar wave him away, coming closer to find out what this strange man.

20. The first day in a totally unfamiliar team.

21. Show pictures on your phone and accidentally pictures show that "no one has ever got to see."

22 found that over toilet paper after made a deal.

23. See sexual activity with parents.

24. Stand pressed in the subway at rush hour for the girl with big breasts.

25. At the box office is not enough money to pay for purchases.