Maldives - this is a heavenly place that is waiting for you with impatience and almost year-round, to share his unusual beauty and for all fall in love with you in their countless islands, pearls, coral reefs and scenic attractions the most exotic capital in the world - Male.

Carefree and simple existence in harmony with nature - this is the Maldivian way of life. Maldivians artistic complement the natural beauty of exotic coral islands. Particularly striking local hospitality. This trait is transferred from the Maldivians from generation to generation. Maldives - a place where tourists are always a welcome guest.

Despite the fact that the Maldives is an Islamic state, a relatively liberal country guests must carefully observe the laws. Violation of the laws of the country could face imprisonment. Do not attempt to make contact with local women! To walk on the Male dress is recommended, in accordance with Islamic notions of morality: long pants or skirt, shirt or blouse.

Attention! When the flight by seaplane in the Maldives is permitted free baggage allowance of 25 kg. For 1 kg overweight $ 2 surcharge. When departing the Maldives is strictly prohibited to import:

1. Any alcoholic beverages.

2. Any video.

3. drugs.

3. pornographic materials.

4. Firearms, in Vol. H. Weapons for spearfishing.

5. Animal Pork and any products containing pork.

If you still have brought:

1. alcohol products. She was placed in a special unit at the airport (storage room) and will be given to you at the hands of a receipt.

2. Video records (video). All video / film production is taken to see the special services in order to avoid the presence of pornographic, anti-Islamic materials, in exchange for a receipt.

When the return flight from the Maldives after passing customs control in a special storage box you can get the alcohol confiscated and video, presenting your receipt.


On the territory of the Maldives STRICTLY PROHIBITED:

1. Break, tear living and dead corals in the ocean and close to shore.

2. Marring sink and lift them to the surface.

3. To fish near the islands. For this purpose, the hotel organizes fishing, as usual, and the major non-target fish. 4. Any kind of spearfishing.

5. Throw empty cans, bottles, tin, glass, plastic and other debris on the islands.

6. Use trash cans available for this purpose.

7. Visit in beachwear capital Malé and the islands, where the locals live.

8. It is recommended to wear things that cover the body from the shoulder to the knee. Nudity and topless (topless).


DEPARTURE: On departure from the Maldives is an urgent need to take all sharps in luggage, not to leave them in your hand luggage (scissors and knives of all kinds of plugs, as well as umbrellas).

When departing from the Maldives banned the export of:

1. Coral and articles thereof (other than gifts made officially certified by the Government of the producers).

2. Products from the shell of a sea turtle.