Dangerous than tap water?

Perhaps many of you know that you can not drink water from the tap, but few people realize what such a ban could be caused. According to a study by American scientists, the use of tap water can be fraught with the emergence of many dangerous diseases, including cancer and is. Why is tap water so dangerous to human health?

Dangerous than tap water?

Drinking water from the tap may face cancer

Can I drink water from the tap?

We all know that in large cities, where there is a persistent water shortage, residents consume water passes through the cleaning process, undergoing multiple chlorination and disinfection. Despite the fact that chlorine does help fight the pathogens in large numbers living in such water, substances for disinfection forming a huge amount of new chemical compounds, most of which are very dangerous for human health.

It is known that even in water without persistent odor of chlorine has special reagent called sodium hypochlorite. Its presence in tap water helps reduce the presence of pathogenic bacteria by about 99%. Despite this, the dead bacteria remain in the water system to form organic side products, among which the most toxic considered chloroform and trihalomethanes. Accumulating in the human body, these substances cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory system. See also: Asteroid Itokawa confirmed that the water on Earth is cosmic origin

Can water from the tap to cause cancer?

Despite the fact that picking up another glass of water from the tap, we deep down hope that chlorine was able to kill all the harmful and live, it is not so. Water, before reaching your apartment, doing a long way from a water treatment plant for whole kilometers of corroded pipes. Of course, some of the pathogens really destroyed by chlorine and sodium hypochlorite, but in order to be able to destroy them all, may require large doses of alkali, which can destroy not only bacteria, but also you.

Dangerous than tap water?

present trihalomethanes and chloroform, which with regular use can cause serious health problems in tap water in large quantities

If you like this article, I invite you to join our channels in the Telegram and Yandex. Zen, where you'll find even more useful information from the world of popular science and technology. It is known that in 1976 a special experiment was carried out by American researchers, aimed at studying the effects of prolonged exposure to chloroform in the body of rodents. The results showed that the by-products of the disinfection are really able to cause cancer and reproductive function problems. Drinking tap water without any additional processing and is fraught with the threat of fetal development, which is why pregnant women are strongly encouraged to refrain from drinking water from the tap.