Boeing for the first time shown in the new fighter F-15EX

US aerospace giant Boeing is already working for several years on the creation of modern fighter aircraft of the latest generation F-15EX. Earlier in the vastness of the world wide web has flowed some pictures of the future aircraft. But now there was also a video of how look novelty aviation. And to put it not just anybody, but the developers themselves. In addition, it became known and some other details concerning the new generation of fighter aircraft.

Boeing for the first time shown in the new fighter F-15EX

Boeing F-15EX - one of the most advanced developments Aerospace Agency

In what a new fighter F-15EX

As representatives of Boeing, F-15EX is the most cost-effective, fast, well-armed and best solution ever created by engineers and designers of the company. New combat aircraft will be equipped with the fastest and high performance in the world of on-board computer, an advanced flight control system for fuel efficiency and better maneuvering and advanced electronic radar that allows to detect targets at a great distance.

World's fastest computer ✔

Fly-by-wire controls ✔

Leading edge electronic radar ✔ # F15EX brings next-gen tech to the @USAirForce fleet. # ASC19 - Boeing Defense (@BoeingDefense) September 17, 2019

According to official figures, the fighter will have 12 points for the suspension and fixing air-to-air missiles and 15 points for a weapons class "air-land". Thus, F-15EX will be one of the most well-armed fighters in the world at the moment. If you are interested in this issue, we recommend that you subscribe to our news channel Telegram in order to not to miss anything.

F-15EX Boeing provides greater payload capacity and range than any fighter in its class - said representatives of Boeing. The advanced architecture of the F-15 facilitates the integration of new weapons, established on the basis of the latest weapons systems.

It is worth noting that as a "framework" in the development of F-15EX used is not new and advanced fighter McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. However, this does not mean that the new combat vehicle "in advance is outdated." By McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle is taken only if I may say so, "frame", which was karyne convenient and makes it easy to set and change the modules, equipment and weapons. Thus in contrast to the precursor, F-15EX has much greater maneuverability, already mentioned advanced ammunition complex and improved solutions to reduce radar visibility. So the plane will not only be quite powerful combat unit, but also the unit unobtrusive for a potential enemy radar. See also: Boeing has successfully tested the spacecraft engines the Starliner

Already, the US Department of Defense in cooperation with the US Air Force and with the support of the Senate Appropriations Committee on the state allocated 992, 4 million dollars to arm the weapons 8 fighter F-15EX, 2 of which are already ready for use and tested a series of test flights. In addition, Boeing is counting on interest in the F-15EX is not only on the part of the US Air Force, but also on the part of foreign customers, which, according to some estimates, will need to buy an additional order of 24 combat fighters a year.