Why does a person catch a cold in a draft?

Perhaps each of us by our grandmothers and mothers were forbidden to sit in a draft, explaining that the wind inside the room can "give" us with such an unpleasant illness, like a cold. But exactly how the draft can cause an infectious disease? And if the wind is at least some attitude towards it? Well, let's try to understand.

Why does a person catch a cold in a draft?

It is said that drafts can cause infectious diseases such as influenza and the common cold. Is it so?

Why do we get sick colds?

Not all of us have really good immunity. Due to the high population density in big cities, residents of cities often suffer precisely from infectious diseases. When the body is adjudged virus immunity comprises defense attack in the form of special cells that produce interferon strongly - special cellular protein, raising body temperature. Our body knows that many species of pathogenic bacteria and viruses can not survive even a small rise in temperature, and therefore includes his own defense at the crucial moment. If the virus is strong, then after the temperature can be risen cough, runny nose and other troubles, which for a few days can completely knock you out of a rut.

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How to draft causes the common cold?

Why does a person catch a cold in a draft?

Is it possible to get sick from a draft?

Due to the fact that all colds are caused by bacteria and viruses, by itself drafts make you ill can not. However, it is the body hypothermia can weaken the immune system, because instead of fighting with the bacteria entered the body, your brain will send all the power for heating the frozen parts of the body. In other words, any of hypothermia has a strong stress for the body, and under stress your immune system starts to work less.

Why does a person catch a cold in a draft?

The sharp cooling of the body causes the body's stress, which results in low immunity

By the way, in order to prevent the possibility of hypothermia, we are taught from childhood immediately remove wet socks. Despite the fact that the foot area is quite small compared to the total area of ​​the body, mopping, all the clothes and shoes very quickly give off heat. As a result, the body is supercooled, there is a decrease of immunity, the dormant virus is activated and go to the counter, causing your fever, runny nose, and fatigue.

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