NASA director insists that Pluto is a planet

If among the readers there are fans of the animated series "Rick and Morty", then you definitely remember the series about the Pluto-in-law and the main character by the name of Jerry. For those who do not know, explain: helping his 14-year-old son with Morty research project, Jerry never stopped repeating that Pluto is a planet. To prove to him that it is in fact not the case, the characters are sent to Pluto, where the locals refuse to deny their home planet status. Jerry becomes the darling of the public, each time loudly declaring: "Pluto is a planet." Until today, over Jerry could safely laugh. But now the situation has changed. The fact that the most important person in NASA named Jim Bradenstayn insists that Pluto is still a planet.

NASA director insists that Pluto is a planet

A scene from the animated series "Rick and Morty" - the king of the inhabitants of Pluto meets Morty and Jerry

What is the Pluto?

Pluto - is the tenth of the mass of a celestial body in the solar system. It is so small, that is approximately equal to the area of ​​our country. Pluto surface covered with stones and ice, thus, the planet has a rarefied atmosphere, which consists mainly of methane. It should disengage from the Sun to Pluto, as it freezes. And it is not uncommon as a celestial body is at a distance of 5.9 billion kilometers from our home star.

NASA director insists that Pluto is a planet

Photo of Pluto's surface. The picture was taken during the mission Nasa New Horizons Pluto's orbital period around the Sun is 248 Earth years, and 152 days there last earthly hours. The news about the existence of the most distant planet from the Sun, said the public astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, 18 February 1930. By the way, if you do not know the name Pluto ruler of the underworld in Roman mythology. The name of the planet Pluto gave the 11-year-old girl named Venetia Burney.

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After the discovery of Pluto, considered a planet until 2006, during the XXVI Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, scientists have determined it in the dwarf planet. This was due to the discovery of new large objects in the Kuiper belt, which lies beyond the orbit of Pluto. Astronomers question - what objects should be considered a planet, and which are not?

The dwarf planet is different from the usual?

So, with this kind of figured. But the dwarf planet is different from the usual? According to the definition XXVI Assembly of the International Astronomical Union in 2006 - a celestial body that:

  • orbits around the Sun;
  • has sufficient mass so that, to maintain close to a spherical shape;
  • is not a satellite of the planet;
  • can not, in contrast to the planets, to clear the area of ​​its orbit of other objects.
  • A planet - a celestial body that:

  • has sufficient mass so that, to maintain close to a spherical shape;
  • celestial body that has managed to clear the neighborhood of its orbit of other objects;
  • in orbit around stars and in this case it is neither a star nor a satellite of the planets.
  • More about the differences between the heavenly bodies, visit our channel in Yandex. Zen.

    Pluto - a planet?

    In recent years, the message in the world press were full of headlines: "Pluto stripped of planet status", "Pluto returned to planet status", "Why is Pluto - it's not a planet?" And so on. We also frequently wrote about Pluto and its volatile status.

    NASA director insists that Pluto is a planet

    In the photo: the director of NASA Jim Bradenstayn

    In fact, the views of astronomy. So in 2017 a group of scientists from Johns Hopkins University have proposed narekat Pluto not only as a planet. So NASA director Jim Bradenstayn recently made a statement that says Pluto is a planet. The opinion was head of the US space agency has proved that always thought so. Yes, just like that.

    However, if the International Astronomical Union will not bring a change in the classification of normal and dwarf planet Pluto to be a dwarf planet, despite the fact that the director of NASA believes otherwise. What do you think Pluto is a planet or not?