As tattoos will look like in old age?

Let's be honest - you probably at least once in their life wanted to get a tattoo. Decide on it is difficult, because the cost of tattoo removal is quite high and pectoral picture may remain for life. In addition, many believe that in old age the tattoo will look awful, losing species because of sagging skin. But are these fears justified? Perhaps in the old tattoo does not look so bad. Of course, all this is provided that the cause is taken a real professional with modern equipment, not the guy with the tattoo machine 2,000 years ago.

As tattoos will look like in old age?

Tattoos are applied to the body since prehistoric times. This is proven by archaeological findings.

Yes, over time the human skin is much thinner, and the tattoo loses its color - it simply can not be avoided. But this does not necessarily mean that a few decades after the application, pectoral drawing completely lose its beauty. Tattoos have gained popularity in the mid XX century and those who are interested in this kind of body decoration, are now at an advanced age. So we have a great opportunity to see the look of tattoos in old age.

As tattoos will look like in old age?

I think tattoos in old age do not look so scared they

What happens to the skin in old age?

When we turn 50 years old, all of us observe at least three changes in our skin. Firstly, her wrinkles will arise. Second, the skin surface will be a lot of pigment spots, which are mainly and will give us the kind of old and exhausted people. Third, the skin becomes thin and dull, which will undoubtedly affect the state of tattoos. All these changes in the skin for a good reason.

As tattoos will look like in old age?

The word "tattoo" comes from the Tahitian "Tatau", which means "drawing on the human skin"

The fact is that from under the layer of the skin begin to fade age substance called collagen and elastin. They make our skin supple, but if not, it droops and is covered by numerous wrinkles. Scientists do not yet know, which is why a person loses collagen, but it is clear that the body begins to produce it is not as intense as in his youth. It is also known that the skin is weakened due to the ultraviolet radiation of the sun and lack of oxygen caused by smoking.

As tattoos will look like in old age?

Also, some people with the age of subcutaneous fat disappears. As a result, under-eye dark circles are formed person.

By the way, tattoos are able to tell a lot about your health

How to care for a tattoo?

Brightness Preservation underwear figure depends on how you take care of it for a month after application. It is known that at least two weeks after the application is necessary several times a day applied to the tattooed skin cream for the healing of tissue. Also, in the early days of the application site could trickle ichor - yellowish liquid, flowing with blood. The resulting crust is better not to rip off because the image can be dim.

As tattoos will look like in old age?

Tattooing is considered to be the same body modifications as the piercing.

Also, tattoo masters recommend lifelong use sunscreen. The fact is that no matter how good the paint was not under the influence of ultraviolet light, it loses its brightness. You should also watch their weight, because the formation of stretch marks picture may be distorted. Maybe you have a tattoo and you can give other advice? Write to our Telegram-chat.

How to improve the tattoo?

In the photos it is clear that tattoos look in old age is not too terrible, but beautiful and they also can not be named. Although, it all depends on the skills of craftsmen and quality paint - on the video below you can see that the word applied to the body spread out in 7-10 years. However, this problem can be solved by re-converge in a tattoo parlor to update the figure.

As tattoos will look like in old age?

Wizards recommend updating the tattoo at least once in 5-7 years. As a rule, this service implies a stroke pattern in order to increase color saturation. the master can also be supplemented with details of the new tattoo - a great idea if the old pattern is already bored and want something new.