Car Charging the Tesla Model S and Model X was again free

The electric cars are better than gasoline? They do a lot of advantages, among which are practically zero pollution, low noise and operation of electricity, which is much cheaper than gasoline. Previously, owners of electric Tesla Model S and Model X does not have to pay for charging - Supercharger stations worked for them for free. Everything changed in 2016, when the company wanted more money, and began to demand from owners of the above vehicles fee charging.

Car Charging the Tesla Model S and Model X was again free

Car Charging the Tesla became a paid due to the fact that the company was losing too much money. Generally funds went to support charging stations - charging for charging the Tesla Model S and Model X just had to cover the costs. The owners of cars bought before January 2017, could still be charged for free. But buyers of new cars have lost their privileges - in the year they receive a free charge, which is enough for 1,600 kilometers. More for gymnastics had to pay.

Free Charging the Tesla

Now car charging Tesla Model S and Model X was free again. It's very surprising, but this turn of events has quite a good reason. Recently, Tesla, the company published a report on the number of vehicles sold and the amount of the profits. During the first half of 2019 the US manufacturer sold 7,550 copies of the Tesla Model S, while in the same time period last year, sold 10,820 cars. In general, sales of expensive models reduced by 30, 2%, and the company lost 408 million dollars.

It would be cool if cars were charged on the move. It is already possible

In the US, Tesla vehicles yet somehow sold, but going from bad to worse in Europe, the company's business. It is reported that sales of Tesla Model S cars fell in two, and Tesla Model X - four times. But from what is due to the decrease in interest of people of expensive cars? Perhaps this is the fault output is relatively cheap car Tesla Model 3. What? It looks very nice, and inside there is everything you need for a comfortable ride and hanging out - you can even run games.

How to increase sales of Tesla?

But whether the company will be able to interest buyers alone free charging anyone is not clear. Until what time will last action is still unknown, so the current car owners should hurry and take advantage of free stations. It is noteworthy that when a person buys a car with it, the action did not apply, because the free charge is only available to the original owner.

Car Charging the Tesla Model S and Model X was again free

And you saw how the car charger comes Tesla?

Ways to Charge Tesla car quite a lot and each one has its drawbacks. For example, the electric car can be charged at home, but it takes more than 29 hours to fully recharge the battery. charging rate at Supercharger stations depends on the version - the first and second version of the charging car for about half an hour, and the third deals with this for 50 minutes. As a rule, stopped at the station, the owners get bored and sit inside their cars.

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