The fastest car in the world is willing to put a new record

In 2015, the British company has created a self-titled Bloodhound SSC car that can accelerate to 1287 kilometers per hour. Unfortunately, after the presentation of ultra-fast machines, the company abruptly ran out of money and it has not been able to demonstrate its capacity. In 2018 the company went bankrupt, but she suddenly saved entrepreneur named Iain Warhurst, who recently hired a new team of workers and announced the date of the long-awaited high-speed check - in October 2019.

The fastest car in the world is willing to put a new record

The car is already out on the high-speed area in 2017, but only clocked up to 338 kilometers per hour, than the few people able to surprise. Now, new car owners renamed it Bloodhound LSR, and intend to overclock it to 960 kilometers per hour. The test will be held in Africa, at the bottom of a dry lake in the Kalahari desert - there is a large paved track length of 18 kilometers.

The fastest car

Vehicle length Bloodhound LSR is 12, 9 meter, the width is equal to 2, 5 meters and height - 3 meters. The total weight of construction is 6, 4 tons but, in spite of the large weight of the car is quite able to gain great speed thanks to the special shape of the body. If necessary, the machine can be equipped with rocket engines.

The fastest car in the world is willing to put a new record

During the October test the fastest car will be deprived of rocket engines - at first the company wants to check it out at relatively low speeds. If all goes well, the rocket engines will be installed in 2020, and even then a supersonic machine accurately pick up the cherished 1287 kilometers per hour.

The best rider for the arrival of high-speed

To carry out check, the company had to look for the most experienced driver. The choice fell on the race driver Andy Green, who in 1997 set a speed record by car Thrust SSC. Since the time it is known that at very high velocities quickly vehicle wheels lose traction, and the process becomes similar to driving on a slippery, icy surface.

At the time of arrival, we will learn how well we set up the car. This experiment will show you how you can control the transport at different speeds - shared racing driver Andy Green.

Not only does the pilot a supersonic car will have to maintain control over the movement, so it will also have to somehow slow down. That the machine stop is expected to take place in three stages: first, the speed drops to 965 kilometers per hour with the help of air brakes, and then the car will slow down due to the drag chute. Disc brakes, used in conventional vehicles will only be activated at speeds of less than 400 kilometers per hour.

The fastest car in the world is willing to put a new record

The driver Andy Green and the fastest car Thrust SSC

speed record car

As mentioned above, the highest speed of the vehicle has reached the 1997 race driver Andy Green car Thrust SSC. With two turbofan engines, typically used in passenger aircraft, it was dispersed to 1000 kilometers per hour in just 16 seconds. Record was set at the bottom of a dry lake in the American desert of Black Rock, where the paved 21-kilometer route.

The fastest car in the world is willing to put a new record

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