How many employees are paid best tehnokompany the world in 2019?

About ten years ago, after the financial crisis in the United States passed a law requiring publicly traded companies to report on the average salary of its employees and to compare it with the salary of CEO. The aim was to highlight the inequalities in income and corporate environment, to curb outsized compensation package managers, which, in the opinion of Congress, contributed to the crisis.

How many employees are paid best tehnokompany the world in 2019?

The requirement came into force for the majority of companies in the last year. And now that technology companies begin to report their average wages, numbers estimate rewards most highly paid employees in the country. It's no secret that there are good, if not a secret, and that the majority of these companies are located in the United States in the most expensive companies in the world and wages.

How to pay Google, Amazon and Facebook

Out of interest: the average salary in Google Alphabet parent company grew by 25% last year to 246 804 dollars (per year) - is the largest increase and the highest salary among the dozens of technology companies that chose Wired. Alphabet representative said that the significant increase reflects a shift in the distribution of shares and share options. In 2017, employees in fact received only half of their normal remuneration. When last year the company again resumed "reward in full", staff salaries increased accordingly. Facebook, on the other hand, has experienced many crises in the past year and is reported to be struggling to recruit new employees. You might think that it will encourage managers to increase wages - to attract and retain employees. But Facebook said that the average remuneration fell by almost 5% last year to 228,651 dollars - the biggest decline of wages in Wired list. A company representative says that "to reduce there was no particular reason."

Valerie Frederickson, an experienced consultant in Silicon Valley for human resources, said he was not surprised. "Candidates still want to work in Facebook and go to the reduction of salaries to work there. I see that people are willing to wage cuts and demotions, just to work in the company. "

How many employees are paid best tehnokompany the world in 2019?

In general, the statements show that large technology companies are paying exceptionally well. Twitter, Square, manufacturer Workday software and Nvidia graphics chip maker reported that the average salary of employees prevymila $ 150 000 in 2018. Government data show that the average salary of a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay area in the past year amounted to about 140 000 dollars, which is much higher than the average in the country - 104 000 dollars. "It's competitive environment," says Frederickson. "The leaders realize that they have to pay for the game. They have to pay long dollar to get them to the right people. "

Differences in wages among technology companies and reflect the different businesses and different ways of managing companies. For example, the average salary of Google employees is higher because it excludes many temporary and contract workers, who work together with 99,000 employees. In the past year, Bloomberg reported that more than half of the people working at Google, are not employees of the company.

Similarly, the relatively low average wages in the Amazon, component of 28 836 dollars, reflecting the fact that most of its employees do not write software, and manage inventory and fulfill orders in warehouses. Amazon US employees last year earned an average of 35,096 dollars; November 1 the company raised the minimum wage in the United States up to $ 15 per hour.

The same applies to the Tesla, a third of employees who worked for the company's assembly plants. Manufacturer of electric vehicles said that the average salary in the last year amounted to 56 163 USD, which is 2, 5% more than in 2017.

For the company, which employs a lot of programmers, the average salary at IBM is low: 55,088 dollars. But this figure reflects the fact that most of IBM's workforce is located outside the United States. In 2017 it became known that the company has more employees in India than in the US. Microsoft, consisting mainly of software developers reported last fall that the average salary for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2018, was in the amount of 167,689 US dollars. By comparison, Apple's, in which many employees work in its retail stores reported an average salary of just 55,426 dollars.

wage ratio between employees and executive directors is not as important for technology companies, many of which are founders and long-time employees receiving the minimum wage. Because the annual salary of the general director Alphabet Larry Page and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg - one dollar.

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